Selected Publications

  • Chan, K. “The Learning Zone in New Product Development” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2014, 61(4), pages 690-701. (with Anna Shaojie Cui and Roger J. Calantone).
  • Chan, K., “Mindfulness: A Long-term Solution for Mindless Eating by College Students” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 2013, 32(2), pages 173-184. (with Shalini Bahl, George R. Milne, Spencer M. Ross).
  • Chan, K.,“Does Ad-Context Congruity Help Surfers and Information Seekers Remember Ads in Cluttered E-magazines?” Journal of Advertising, 2011, 40(4), pages 67-84. (with Shabnam H.A. Zanjani and William D. Diamond).
  • Chan, K.,“Decomposing Product Innovativeness and Its Effects upon New Product Success” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2006, 23, pages 408-421 (with Roger J. Calantone and Anna Shaojie Cui).
  • Chan, K., “Strategic Orientations in Export Pricing: A Clustering Approach to Create Firm Taxonomies,” Journal of International Marketing, 2003, 11 (1), pages 47-72 (with S.T. Cavusgil and Chun Zhang).


Ph.D., Michigan State University
B.Commerce, University of Tasmania

Research & Teaching Interests

Professor Chan’s teaching interests are centered around linking market-based information to innovation. His research examines how online content quality influences perceptions of products brands, and how market information can be used to enhance innovation.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining Northeastern, Professor Chan served as an assistant professor to the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst from 2006–2011, a graduate assistant for Michigan State University, from 2001 – 2006, and as a lecturer at the University of Tasmania from 1999-2000. His industry experience includes positions as a Managing Director at Better Data Group and as an Associate Director for the Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry Practice Group of Nielsen in Taiwan.