• PhD Management (Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation), Lancaster University
  • PhD Psychology, Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University

Selected Publications

  • Ivy, J (2019). Crafting Your Edge for Today's Job Market: Using BE-EDGE Method for Consulting Cases and Capstone Projects. Emerald Group Publishing, UK
  • Ivy, J and Perenyi, A. (2020). Entrepreneurial Networks as Informal Institutions in Transitional Economies. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.
  • Ivy, J. (2020). Capabilities of Entrepreneurial Ventures That Successfully Navigate Regime Change: A Research Agenda. International Journal of Business and Management Research
  • Ivy, J. (2020). Capitalize on built-in employability to strengthen your company's competitive strategies. CEOWorld Magazine.
  • Ivy, J. (2020). Mobilizing edgy expertise in times of market disruption: A step-by-step process to put the expertise of your staff to work on pressing problems.

Selected Presentations

  • Ivy, J. and Pereniy, A (2021). Fighting uncertainty with (dis)trust: entrepreneurial behavior in a transitional context. Academy of Management Annual Meeting
  • Julia Ivy (2020). Podcast on The Future of Work. Emerald Publisher Group
  • Ivy, J (2020). Metabizics: Synchronizing Personal and Organizational Strategies through BE-EDGE. Honorable Guest. Conversations for Consciousness. Awake TV Network.
  • Ivy, J. (2020). A New Direction in Navigating a Job Market with the “BE” Personal Strategy. A New Direction Podcast.
  • Ivy, J. (2019). Make your CASE to shape your SPACE: Consulting Cases as Strategy-Crafting Instrument. Keynote Speaker, Western Casewriter Association (WCA), Napa Valley, California

Research & Teaching Interests

Julia Ivy's interests fall in the intersection of psychology, strategy, and entrepreneurship. She is the author of the concept of Boutique Employability, which applies her BE-EDGE method for crafting personal strategy for competitive edge. She incorporates finding from her both PhDs. to assist individuals with significant choices, strategic relationships in a low-trust vs. high-trust context, competitive strategies, and pragmatism in her application-inspired research and practice.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining Northeastern University in 2012, Dr. Ivy served as a tenured Associate Professor of Management at the University of Alaska, a senior fellow for MS in Leadership and a visiting professor for Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia), International University of Vietnam (Ho Chi Ming City), and International Business School (Kiev, Ukraine). Dr. Ivy is a founder of the international PSF, which provides Case Consulting and case Coaching services around the globe.

Services to the Profession

Ivy was the founding chair of the “Making Your Case” Consulting Case Writing Competition for graduate students that provide their Case Consulting service to business, nonprofit, and government organizations in 23 countries. Recently, Dr. Ivy launched the BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon as a hackathon-style version of the “Making Your Case” competition, in cooperation with the New Urban Mechanics office of the City of Boston Mayor's Office. The goal of BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon is in needs' synchronization of unlikely partners for an inclusive economy. 

Awards & Recognition

  • Teaching Innovation Award, D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, 2019.
  • Best Mentored Case Award. Western Casewriters Association. 2019
  • Academy of Management Best Paper Recognition, Entrepreneurship Division, for the quantitative research “Navigating Local Business Networks in a Low-trust Transitional Environment”, 2018.
  • Academy of Management Best Paper Recognition, Entrepreneurship Division, for the qualitative research “Social capital for venture development in a low-trust environment,” 2015.
  • Academy of Management Carolyn Dexter Award: Winner of the NPM Division and a Top-Five of the all-AOM for the research “A role of social capital and donor commitment in a geographically isolated community,” 2012.