• PhD Management (Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation), Lancaster University
  • PhD Psychology, Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University

Selected Publications

  • Ivy, J. (2020). 2020: The Year of Boutique Employability. The EvoLLLution: A Destiny Solutions Illumination. Retrieved from
  • Ivy, J, Larty, J and S. Jack. (2014). Searching for Relevance: NGO-Donor Relationships in a Geographically Isolated Community, Journal of Management Inquiry.
  • Ivy, J. (2012). A state-controlled economy vs., a rent-seeking state: Why entrepreneurs would support state officials? Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 25 (3-4): 195-221.
  • Ivanova, Y.V.[J.Ivy] and Winn, J. (2010).Growing Pains. Case Research Journal. Volume 30, Issue 3, Summer. Listed at Harvard Business Publishing website.
  • Ivanova, Y.V.[J.Ivy] and Winn, J. (2010). Governance and talent management in a professional services firm. Case Research Journal. Volume 30, Issue 1, Winter. Listed at Harvard Business Publishing website.
  • Ivanova, Y.V.[J.Ivy] (2009). Can this business be rescued? Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Volume 33, No. 4: 989-995.

Selected Presentations

  • Ivy, J. (2015). Making a mark: Relationships for establishing a business presence in post-authoritarian emerging markets. Academy of Management. Vancouver, Canada, August.
  • Ivy, J., Larty, J. and Moore, R. (2015). Students as Independent Consultants. Academy of Management, Management Consulting Division, Vancouver, Canada, August.
  • Ivy, J. (2015). Strategies of Growth in an Unfriendly Business Environment. Institute for Privatization and Management, Minsk, Belarus, July.
  • Ivy, J., Larty, J. and S. Jack. (2014). Social capital and venture development in a low-trust environment. Academy of Management, Philadelphia, August.
  • Ivy, J. (2014). Experiences in launching and managing student consultancy projects. Lancaster University, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development. Lancaster, UK, December.

Research & Teaching Interests

Julia Ivy’s teaching and research interests fall in the area of strategic relationships in a low-trust vs. high-trust context, significant choices of personality, strategies for venture development in a state-controlled economy, and pragmatism as a method for use-inspired business research and practice.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining Northeastern University in 2012, Ivy served as a tenured Associate Professor of Management at the University of Alaska and as a principle of the international PSF. Within NEU, Ivy served as a senior fellow for MS in Leadership and a visiting professor for Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) and for International University of Vietnam (Ho Chi Ming City).

Services to the Profession

Ivy is the founding chair of the Consulting Case Writing Competition for graduate students that provide their service to business, nonprofit, and government organizations in 23 countries and describe their experience in publishable cases. She is a member of the North-American Case Writing Association, Academy of Management, and European Academy of Management.

Awards & Recognition

  • Academy of Management Best Paper Recognition, Entrepreneurship Division, for the research “Social capital for venture development in a low-trust environment.” 2014
  • Academy of Management Carolyn Dexter Award: Winner of the NPM Division and a Top-Five of the all-AOM for the research “A role of social capital and donor commitment in a geographically isolated community.” 2009
  • Faculty Excellence Award. University of Alaska Southeast. 2007