• PhD Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • BS Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Selected Publications

  • Marks, Joseph M. and Chenguang Shang (2024), “Business seasonality and stock liquidity,” forthcoming in Journal of Financial Markets.
  • Chelikani, Surya, Joseph M. Marks and Kiseok Nam (2023), “Volatility feedback effect and risk-return tradeoff,” Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 92, 49-65.
  • Koticha, Apoovra, Chen Li, and Joseph M. Marks (2023), “Sector option correlation premiums and predictable changes in implied volatility,” The Journal of Derivatives 30, 84-115.
  • Kilic, Osman, Joseph M. Marks and Kiseok Nam (2022), “Predictable asset dynamics, risk-return tradeoff, and investor behavior,” Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 59, 749-791.
  • Marks, Joseph M. and Chenguang Shang (2021), “Does stock liquidity affect corporate debt maturity structure?” The Quarterly Journal of Finance 11, 1-53.
  • Marks, Joseph M. and Chenguang Shang (2019), “Factor crowding and liquidity exhaustion,” Journal of Financial Research 62, 147-180.
  • Marks, Joseph M. and Kiseok Nam (2018), “Intertemporal risk-return tradeoff in the short run,” Economics Letters 172, 81-84.
  • Marks, Joseph M. and Ari Yezegel (2018), “Do aggregate analyst recommendations predict market returns in international markets?,” International Review of Financial Analysis 59, 234-254.
  • Marks, Joseph M. and David P. Simon (2017), “Sector option implied volatility dynamics and predictability,” The Journal of Derivatives 25, 22-42.
  • Marks, Joseph M. and Jim Musumeci (2017), “Misspecification in event studies,” Journal of Corporate Finance 45, 333–341.
  • Henderson, Brian J. and Joseph M. Marks (2013), “Predicting forecast errors through joint observation of earnings and revenue forecasts,” The Journal of Banking and Finance 37, 4265–4277.

Selected Presentations

  • Presenter: “Business Seasonality and Stock Liquidity.” 2023 Annual Meeting of the Financial Management Association (Chicago, IL).
  • Presenter: “Creating and Backtesting a Market Neutral Portfolio in Matlab.” Symposium held on March 10, 2022, as part of Northeastern University MathWorks Week.
  • Presenter: “Sector Option Correlation Premiums and Predictable Changes in Implied Volatility.” 2022 Multinational Finance Society Annual Meeting (Gdansk, Poland).
  • Presenter: “Does Stock Liquidity Affect Corporate Debt Maturity Structure?” 2019 European Financial Management Annual Meeting (Ponta Delgada, San Miguel, Azores).
  • Presenter “Factor Crowding and Liquidity Exhaustion.” 2017 Southern Finance Association Annual Conference (Key West, Florida).

Research & Teaching Interests

Marks' research and teaching focus on investments and portfolio management, with an emphasis on anomalies, behavioral finance, and empirical asset pricing models.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining Northeastern University, Marks worked to design and back-test quantitative investment strategies at Jacobs Levy Equity Management and held academic positions at Bentley University and Seton Hall University.

Services to the Profession

Marks is a member of the American Finance Association, the Financial Management Association, the Eastern Finance Association, and the Southern Finance Association.