• PhD Marketing & Logistics, Michigan State University
  • MBA, MA, Miami University
  • BA, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Nyaga's primary research interests are in areas of supply chain collaboration, logistics strategy, and health care supply chains. His research has been published in leading supply chain journals such as Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Decision Sciences, Industrial Marketing Management, and Health Care Management Review.

He has conducted consulting projects for Veteran Health Affairs and for CAPS Research and did executive teaching for Dell-EMC and Cardinal Health.

He serves in the editorial review board of the Journal of Business Logistics and the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Materials Management. He is an ad hoc reviewer for Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Heath Care Management Review, International Journal of Production Economics, and several conferences.

He is a member of Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Production and Operations Management Society, Decision Sciences Institute, and Academy of Management.

Selected Publications

  • Zepeda, E.D., Nyaga, G.N., Young, G.J. (2020). On the relations between operational focus, operational experience, and operational performance: Evidence from general hospitals. Health Care Management Review. Forthcoming.
  • Zepeda, E.D., Nyaga, G.N., Young, G.J. (2020). The effect of hospital-physician integration on operational performance: Evaluating physician employment in cardiology operating units. Decision Sciences, 51(2), 282-316.
  • Scott, A., Nyaga, G.N. (2019). The effect of firm size, asset ownership, and market prices on regulatory violations. Journal of Operations Management, 65(7), 685-709.
  • Zepeda, E.D., Nyaga, G.N., Young, G.J. (2016). Supply chain risk management and hospital inventory: Effects of system affiliation. Journal of Operations Management, 44, 30-47.
  • Young, G.J., Nyaga, G.N., Zepeda, E.D. (2016). Hospital employment of physicians and supply chain performance: An empirical investigation. Health Care Management Review, 41(3), 244-255.
  • Nyaga, G.N., Young, G.J., Zepeda, E.D. (2015). An analysis of the effects of intra- and interorganizational arrangements on hospital supply chain efficiency. Journal of Business Logistics, 36(4), 340–354.
  • Nyaga, G.N., Lynch, D.F., Marshall, D., Ambrose, E. (2013). Power Asymmetry, Adaptation and Collaboration in Dyadic Relationships Involving a Powerful Partner. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 49(3), 42-65. *** Awarded 2013 Harold E. Fearon Best Paper Award ***
  • Nyaga, G.N., Whipple, J.M. (2011). Relationship quality and performance outcomes: Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Journal of Business Logistics, 32(4), 345-360.
  • Nyaga, G.N., Whipple, J.M., Lynch, D.F. (2010). Examining supply chain relationships: Do buyer and supplier perspectives on collaborative relationships differ? Journal of Operations Management, 28(2), 101-114. *** Awarded 2010-2014 Jack Meredith Best Paper Finalist (2nd Runners Up) ***
  • Closs, D.J., Nyaga, G.N., Voss, M.D. (2010). The differential impact of product complexity, inventory level, and configuration capacity on unit and order fill rate performance. Journal of Operations Management, 28(1), 47-57.
  • Whipple, J.M., Lynch, D.F., Nyaga, G.N. (2010). A buyer's perspective on collaborative versus transactional relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 39(3), 507-518.

Other intellectual contributions:

  • Nyaga, G., Schneller, E. (2018). Physician Preference Items Management: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies. Research Report sponsored by CAPS Research.
  • Nyaga, G., Young, G., Moran, G. (2016). Ten actions to improve inventory management in government: Lessons from VA hospitals. IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Selected Presentations

  • Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting, “mHealth and the management of healthcare supply chains in Africa” PDW Track: Understanding Africa in Global Supply Chains, New Orleans, LA. (November 24, 2019).
  • Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), Schneller, E. (Author only), POMS 2019 Annual Conference, “Physician preference item management: Challenges, opportunities, and strategies” POMS, Washington, DC. (May 4, 2019).
  • Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), Zepeda, D. (Author Only), Young, G. (Author Only), 2018 Academy of Management Meeting, “Vertical integration and hospital performance: Evaluating physician employment in hospitals” AOM, Chicago, IL. (August 13, 2018).
  • Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), Zepeda, E. D. (Author Only), Young, G. (Author Only), DSI 2017 Annual Meeting, “Examining the effect of physician employment in cardiology units on hospital's operational performance” DSI, Washington D.C. (November 19, 2017).
  • Young, G. J. (Presenter & Author), Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), Zepeda, D. (Presenter & Author), Supply Chain Academy Webinar, “Hospital employment of physicians: A case study in supply chain performance” Supply Chain Academy, Boston. (February 2017).
  • Zepeda, E. D. (Presenter & Author), Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), Young, G. (Presenter & Author), Symposium on Healthcare Operations Research, “Massachusetts General Hospital–Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MGH–MIT) Collaboration” MGH, Boston, MA. (March 17, 2016).
  • Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), Young, G. (Author), Zepeda, E. D. (Author), 2015 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, “Supply chain risk management and hospital inventory: Effects of system affiliation” AOM, Vancouver, Canada. (August 10, 2015).
  • Nyaga, G. (Presenter & Author), 2014 POMS Annual Conference, “Enhancing data consistency and inventory efficiency with GTIN adoption in healthcare supply chains” POMS, Atlanta, GA. (May 2014).

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2010-2014 Jack Meredith Best Paper Award Finalist, Journal of Operations Management. (August 2015).
  • 2013 Harold E. Fearon Best Paper Award, Journal of Supply Chain Management / Institute of Supply Management. (August 2014).
  • Joe Dichiacchio Faculty Fellow, College of Business Administration, Northeastern University. (September 1, 2010).