• PhD Organizational Behavior, Yeshiva University, New York
  • BS, Tufts University

Selected Publications

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Selected Presentations

  • Wertheim, Edward (2016) “An Interactive Approach to Teaching the Basics of Negotiation in One Class”, Eastern Academy of Management, New Haven, May 2016
  • Wertheim, Edward (2016) “Helping students identify and respond to hardball tactics in negotiation: a series of classroom activities”, ABSEL, New Orleans, April 2016
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  • Wertheim, Edward, Association of Business Simulations and Experiential Learning, “Tragedy of the Commons: A Business Simulation”, Pensacola, FL. (March 25, 2011).

Research & Teaching Interests

Wertheim teaches organizational behavior, negotiation, and mediation. He is a professional mediator.

Industry & Academic Experience

Wertheim served as an assistant professor at Boston University, a research associate at City College of New York, and a systems analyst at the Westinghouse Learning Corporation before joining the College of Business Administration faculty in 1977. He has taught widely in Europe and Asia.

Services to the Profession

Wertheim is a member of the Eastern Academy of Management, New England Association for Conflict Resolution, and the North American Case Research Association. He serves on the Boards/Overseers of The Boston Conservatory, All Newton Music School, and Boston Baroque. He is a Baritone with the Metropolitan Chorale of Brookline and rows Sweeps at Community Rowing and squash at the Newton Squash and Tennis Club. He volunteers as a math tutor in the Boston Schools and serves as a court mediator at various courts in Massachusetts.

Awards & Recognition

  • Northeastern University Teaching Excellence Award, Northeastern University. (2000).