• PhD, Temple University
  • MBA, Harvard University
  • BA, Dickinson College

Selected Publications

  • Compaine, B. (2006). Are there content models for the wireless world?  In J. Groebel, E. M. Noam & V. Feldmann (eds.), Mobil media: Content and services for wireless communications (pp.57-68). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.
  • Zack, M., Compaine, B. & Wesley, D. (2007). Case study and Teaching Note. London, ON: Richard Ivey School of Business. University of Western Ontario.
  • Compaine, B. (2007). Competition in television and radio: Trends and policy implications. In Rice, R. (ed). Media ownership: Research and regulation. (pp. 159-190). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, Inc.
  • Compaine, B., & Cunningham, B. (2009). Nonprofit Models, Media Ownership and Diversity, and Advertising Prices. Journal of Media Economics22(3), 115-118.
  • Compaine, B., & Hoag, A. (2012). Factors supporting and hindering new entry in media markets: A study of media entrepreneurs. International Journal on Media Management14(1), 27-49.

Selected Presentations

  • SmartPhones and the future of humankind! Keynote speech 6th annual Korea Communications Conference. Seoul, Korea. (2010)
  • The State of Media Ownership in the United States. Pomona College Student Union. (2012)
  • Chaging the Way We Think about Local Media. Fordham Graduate Business School. (2012)
  • Media Entrepreneurship Research: Trends and Challenges, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. (2015)

Research & Teaching Interests

Compaine's teaching and research interests include telecommunications policy, mass media economics, media and high tech entrepreneurship, as well as the political, social and cultural implications of changing information technologies. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in these areas, including Business Basics for Technological Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Media Economics, Information Technology and Policy, Entrepreneurial Marketing in High-Tech Industries.

Industry & Academic Experience

Compaine co-founded a weekly newspaper, was an angel investor and advisor for another weekly paper. He was a founder and chief executive of Nova Systems Inc., a firm that created and distributed software for management information reporting in telecommunications centers. Prior to Nova Systems he was executive director of the Program on Information Resources Policy (PIRP) at Harvard University where he had responsibility for funding and directing research on the implications of changing information technology for business, government, and society. Compaine is a senior consultant for the Innovation International Media Consulting Group and is Director, Fellows Program at Columbia University's Institute for Tele-Information (CITI).

Services to the Profession

Compaine is the co-editor emeritus of the Journal of Media Economics from which he received its Award of Honor for his “scholarly contributions and inspiration to the field of media economics” and serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Media Management. He was twice Program Chairman of TPRC's Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of TPRC, Inc., where he lead a restructuring of that nonprofit's financial model and management organization. He is also a mentor to students teams in the Innovation Competition at Dickinson College.