• PhD Finance, Georgia State University
  • MS Business Administration, Institute of Management Development and Research, Pune, India
  • BE Chemical Engineering, University of Pune, India

Selected Publications

  • Project Characteristics, Incentives and Team Production: 2015 Management Science, Forthcoming. (with Richard. Fu and A. Subramanian).
  • Do better-connected CEOs innovate more? 2014, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming (with O. Faleye and T. Kovacs).
  • The Determinants and Effects of CEO–Employee Pay Ratios: 2013 Journal of Banking & Finance, 37(8), 3258–3272 (with O. Faleye, and E. Reis).
  • Rank Order Tournaments and Incentive Alignment: The Effect on Firm Performance: 2009, Journal of Finance, 64(3), 1479-1512 (with J. Kale and E. Reis).
  • On the Structure of Analyst Research Portfolios and Forecast Accuracy: 2009 Journal of Accounting Research, 47(4), 867-909 (with O. Kini, S. Mian, and M. Rebello).

Selected Presentations

  • Gu, Tiantian (Author Only), Venkateswaran, Anand (Presenter & Author), Financial Management Association, “Managerial Incentives and Firm-Supplier Relations”, Chicago.
  • Kovacs, Tunde (Presenter & Author), Faleye, Olubunmi (Author Only), Venkateswaran, Anand (Author Only), Bentley University Seminar Series, “Do better connected CEOs innovate more?”, Bentley University, Waltham, MA. (November 2012).
  • Faleye, Olubunmi (Author Only), Kovacs, Tunde (Presenter & Author), Venkateswaran, Anand (Author Only), Financial Management Association, “Do better-connected CEOs innovate more?”, Atlanta, Georgia. (October 2012).
  • Faleye, Olubunmi (Presenter & Author), Kovacs, Tunde (Author Only), Venkateswaran, Anand (Author Only), University of Arkansas Seminar Series, “Do better-connected CEOs innovate more?”, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. (October 2012).
  • Trahan, Emery A (Presenter & Author), Bolster, Paul (Author Only), Venkateswaran, Anand (Author Only), Academy of Financial Services Annual Meeting, “How Mad is Mad Money? Jim Cramer as a Stock Picker and Portfolio Manager”, Academy of Financial Services, Las Vegas, NV. (October 23, 2011).

Research & Teaching Interests

Venkateswaran's research focuses on empirical corporate finance with emphasis on incentives of economic agents.

Industry & Academic Experience

Just before starting his doctoral studies, Venkateswaran worked as an investment banker for five years.

Services to the Profession

Venkateswaran refereed for Journal of Financial Research and Journal of Financial Education.

Awards & Recognition

  • Edward Philip Chase Fellowship
  • Joseph G. Riesman Research Professorship, College of Business Administration, Northeastern University (2008 – 1010)
  • GSU Foundation Scholarship, GSU Foundation. (September 2000).