• Post-Doctorate Fellow, the Marketing Department, Harvard Business School
  • PhD Marketing, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
  • MBA (Marketing specialization), The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
  • BA Business and Economics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Selected Publications

  • Özturan Peren and Grinstein Amir (2022), “Impact of Global Brand CMOs' CSR and Sociopolitical Activism Communication on Twitter,” Journal of International Marketing, forthcoming.
  • Spike Lee; Millet, Kobe, Grinstein, Amir, Johnston Phil, Volkov Alexa, van der Wal Arianne, and Pauwels Koen (2022), “Actual and Simulated Cleaning Attenuate Psychological and Physiological Effects of Stressful Events,” Social Psychological and Personality Science, forthcoming.
  • Özturan Peren and Grinstein Amir (2022), “Can the Marketing Department Benefit from Socially Responsible Marketing Actions? The Role of Legitimacy and Customers' Interest in Social Responsibility,” European Journal of Marketing, 56(2), 400-441.
  • Morren Meike and Amir Grinstein (2021), “The Cross-Cultural Boundaries of the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling (MASEM) Approach,” Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 75, 101593.
  • Maria Blekher, Shai Danziger, and Amir Grinstein (2020), “Salient Volunteering Increases Monetary Risk Taking,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 30(3), 525-533.
  • Block Lauren, Keller Punam, Vallen Beth, Williamson Sara, Birau Mia, Grinstein Amir, Haws Kelly, LaBarge Monica, Lamberton Cait, Moore Elizabeth, Moscato Emily, Walker Reczek Rebecca, and Andrea Tangari (2016), “The Squander Sequence: Understanding Food Waste at Each Stage of the Consumer Decision Making Process,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, TCR special issue, 35(2), 292-304.
  • Grinstein Amir and Kronrod Ann (2016). “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child? How Praising, Scolding, and Assertiveness can Encourage Desired Behaviors,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53(3), 433-441.
  • Grinstein Amir and Riefler Petra (2015). “Citizens of the (Green) World? Cosmopolitan Orientation and Sustainability,” Journal of International Business Studies, 46(6), 694-714.
  • Kronrod Ann, Grinstein Amir, and Wathieu Luc (2012), “Go Green! Should Environmental Messages be so Assertive?” Journal of Marketing, 76(1), 95-102.
  • Grinstein Amir and Nisan Udi (2009), “Demarketing, Minority Groups, and National Attachment,” Journal of Marketing, 73(2), 105-122.

Selected Presentations

  • February 2022– Initiator and moderator of a Special Session based on Journal International Marketing's special issue on Well-Being in a Global World, at Winter AMA Conference, Las Vegas (in-person).
  • February 2022 – Discussant at the Sustainability and Well-Being track, Society of Consumer Psychology (virtual).
  • October 2020 – “Are Robots in Service of Brands' Socially Responsible Image?”, Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference, Paris (virtual, author and presenter).
  • October 2020 – “Social Interactions in the Sharing Economy: A double Edge Sword?”, Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference, Paris (virtual, author and presenter).
  • October 2019 – “Mind the Gap: the Chronic Malady of Misused Assertiveness in Well-Being Communication”, Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference, Atlanta (author and presenter).

Research & Teaching Interests

Grinstein's research and teaching interests are focused on two core issues: (1) the interface between marketing and society/public policy, especially various social and environmental contexts such as the enhancement of “green”, healthy or other socially-desirable behaviors and the effectiveness of demarketing; (2) marketing strategy, including the study of strategic orientations and international marketing topics

Industry & Academic Experience

Grinstein holds a part-time research appointment with the marketing department of the VU Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Grinstein is a board member and on the leadership team of the non-profit 50 50 Startups.

Services to the Profession

Grinstein is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of International Marketing, an Associate Editor for the Journal of International Marketing, and a former Associate Editor for the European Journal of Marketing. He is also a reviewer for a variety of leading marketing journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and the Journal of Service Research.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2022 Journal of Marketing Outstanding Reviewer Award.
  • 2021 Innovation Teaching Award (with Prof. Daniele Mathras) for the course “Bridging Conflict, Creating Diversity”, D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University.
  • 2021 Journal of International Marketing “Outstanding Associate Editor.”
  • 2020 Thomas C. Kinnear award for outstanding article in JPP&M.
  • 2018-2021 Thomas E. Moore Faculty Fellowship, Fellowship, D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University