The Center for Emerging Markets' Student Associate program recognizes undergraduate students at Northeastern University who are dedicated to strengthening and expanding emerging-market-related programming and research at the university.

At the close of the Spring 2024 semester, CEM recognized five undergraduate students as new Student Associates, representing three different Northeastern University colleges and schools. These students, all with a demonstrated passion for furthering their understanding of emerging markets, will join six other students recognized as Student Associates in the Fall 2023 semester to help shape CEM programming, perform research with CEM Faculty Fellows, and grow CEM's student outreach efforts in the 2024-2025 school year.

Learn more about the CEM Student Associate program here and meet our Spring 2024 Student Associates below!

Brecker Ferguson
College of Science & D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Brecker Ferguson is a rising fourth-year student studying Business Administration and Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, with concentrations in Finance and Sustainable Planning and Development, and a minor in Sustainable Business Practices. Brecker enjoys researching issues of global sustainability with an emphasis on emerging markets, having previously worked in Ecuador, South Africa, and Fiji. After conducting an independent sustainability systems analysis of the Indigenous Kichwa community where Brecker lived in 2023, he attended the Public Forum of the World Trade Organization in Geneva, where he spoke with world leaders on the most pressing issues of global trade and sustainability. Also in 2023, Brecker was a visiting engineering student at University College Dublin, and he currently works in business development at an MIT-affiliated climatetech startup. He currently serves as the co-president of the Northeastern Global Research and Consulting Group (GRC), which provides pro-bono consulting services to nonprofit partners around the globe. He looks forward to pursuing research as a Student Associate and develop the networks and knowledge needed to have a successful career in sustainable business and environmental policy.

Edward “Teddy” Hunter
D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Edward “Teddy” Hunter is a rising fourth-year student majoring in International Business and International Affairs with a concentration in Finance. He is interested in global markets, particularly emerging markets, and their interaction with international politics. His journey at Northeastern University has been global, marked by Studying Abroad in Madrid during the Fall of 2023 and participating in two summer dialogues: “Politics Abroad in the Middle East” in 2022 and “Marketing in Asia” in India in 2023. He has additionally served as a researcher at the Global Markets Association, focusing on sectors within China's economy. Recently, completing a co-op at Alvarez and Marsal as a consultant in their private equity and improvement practice in London, Teddy conducted global financial research gaining skills in market analysis. Teddy aims to use his CEM Student Associate role for research, event planning, and networking enhancing his knowledge of emerging markets.

Anjali Laddha
D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Anjali Laddha is a rising third-year student at Northeastern University, studying Economics and International Business. Fusing her academic interests in emerging markets with a passion for entrepreneurship, Anjali is currently spearheading an educational startup, Degree2Destiny, aimed at transforming the landscape of education in India through innovative methodologies emphasizing Communication, AI, and Networking. She is also involved in WEvolve Together, a non-profit dedicated to advocating for educational equity and gender equality in India. As a Student Associate, Anjali hopes to deepen her understanding of emerging markets while helping foster dialogue and collaboration around emerging market opportunities through events and networking opportunities. She hopes to harness her experience as an Associate to expand her current ventures as well as foster economic development and sustainability in emerging markets, aligning with her career goal of making impactful contributions to global business practices.

Christian Meyer
D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Christian Meyer is a rising fourth-year student at Northeastern, pursuing the International Dual Degree from Brazil in International Business with a concentration in Finance. Christian's interest in emerging markets is not just academic but deeply personal. Having grown up in Brazil, he has witnessed firsthand the country's potential and the challenges it faces. This has inspired him to seek ways to contribute to its economic and social transformations. Thanks to the CEM supporting initiatives toward meaningful transformations in emerging markets and creating awareness, he has been pursuing research on the potential of the new Open Finance framework in Brazil to improve SMEs' access to capital. Additionally, he has been working as a research assistant with CEM faculty fellows on case studies of emerging market companies that have been innovative and transformational in their home and neighbor countries. He looks forward to continuing his engagement with emerging markets as a Student Associate.

Wanru Shao
Khoury College of Computer Science

Wanru Skuld Shao is a rising fourth-year student at Northeastern University, pursuing a triple major in Philosophy, Computer Science, and Business. As a member of the executive board of NU Entrepreneurship and IDEA student-led accelerator, she has ignited her passion for entrepreneurship by organizing different events and collaborating with talented student founders. Furthermore, her internship experience at Microsoft has also profoundly reshaped her perspective on the revolutionary role of technology in startups. During the Spring semester of 2024, Wanru undertook a Global Co-op in Cambodia, where she focused on empowering future female leaders and delving deeper into the economic growth prospects of the Southeast Asian market. As a CEM Student Associate, Wanru is keen to explore how technology can attract investment to Southeast Asia, thereby creating more opportunities and driving regional development. Through this role, she aims to leverage her interdisciplinary education and practical experiences to contribute meaningfully to the understanding and exploration of emerging markets at Northeastern.