Q: How is the D'Amore-McKim Corporate Residency different from a traditional internship?

A: At Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, I was never treated like an intern. From the very first day, my manager emphasized that I am like any other full-time employee and my role and responsibilities didn't differ much from theirs. This motivated me to work hard and live up to the expectations of my colleagues.

Q: How did you impact the business?

A: I had the opportunity to manage a project to upgrade analytical software, resulting in significant operating cost savings for Harvard Pilgrim. This involved coordinating with users from various departments, organizing workshops, developing documentation, and solving issues that came with upgrading to new software.

I also helped develop reporting applications for measuring staff and physician productivity, providing with the opportunity to hone my analytical skills through prototyping, quality assurance testing, and business systems analysis.

Q: How has the Corporate Residency solidified your career path or set you up for success in the long run?

A: Prior to my residency, I had planned on taking up supply chain management as my concentration, however this Corporate Residency has helped me gain a clearer picture of my career goals. I've decided to go with Marketing—specifically product management. My background in technology, combined with the business skills I developed through the Corporate Residency, provides me with a competitive advantage, helping me move towards my goal of becoming a product manager in a technology firm.