Q:What do you do in your current job/what are your responsibilities?

A:I am the Project Coordinator for Northeastern University's Regional Interpreter Education Center (NURIEC). We are a grant-funded organization that aims to promote and enhance the field of American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpreting. My main responsibilities include developing and running educational trainings for interpreters and Deaf community members, followed by data collection, analysis, and report writing. NURIEC is one of six centers nationwide that makes up the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC), so I also participate in cross-center work teams.

Q: What skills did you build in the D'Amore-McKim Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA) program that you are currently using on the job?

A: While I work for a not-for-profit organization, I still find much of what I learned in the GCBA program applicable to my current position. For example, since completing the certificate, I have communicated with my former “Information Analysis” professor regarding a question about conducting a paired t-test for one of our training's evaluation results. Also, during my “Managing People and Organizations” course, I asked my co-workers to complete the Big Five personality test that my classmates and I had taken so we could strategize ways to work more effectively as a team.

Q: What would you say to a colleague considering enrolling in the GCBA program?

A: Go for it! You will meet interesting people, gain access to valuable resources, and build upon your foundational knowledge of the business world. The GCBA program is bound to lead you to exciting, new opportunities. It did for me!

Q: Why did you choose the D'Amore-McKim School of Business GCBA program?

A: Other than the convenient ten-minute walk from my office to the classroom, Northeastern University is an excellent school. The GCBA program provides flexibility for working professionals, with classes offered Monday-Thursday evenings at two different time blocks, plus Saturdays. Most importantly (for me), the GCBA program includes the Part-Time MBA Pathway track, where one can seamlessly transfer into the Part-Time MBA program upon completion of the six core courses.

Q: What was your biggest take-away from earning your Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at Northeastern?

A: My biggest take-away was recognizing that I have a passion for business. Having never taken a business course prior to entering the GCBA program, it was the perfect way to get my feet wet. It didn't take me long to realize that earning my certificate would only be the beginning of my business career.

Q: What are you doing now and how did the GCBA help you get there?

A: Since entering the GCBA program, I was promoted to my current position. I strongly believe that my commitment to furthering my education helped me achieve this. After graduating from the program, I was accepted into the D'Amore-McKim Part-Time MBA program, in which I am currently enrolled. I am thrilled to be continuing my studies and thankful to the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program for starting me on this path.