Q: What do you do in your current job/what are your responsibilities?

A: I am currently the Director of External Reporting and Corporate Policy at Interactive Data Corporation, which was recently acquired by Intercontinental Exchange. I am responsible for drafting financial statements, footnotes and applicable disclosures for all external reporting, which also included drafting our S-1 filings in the summer/fall of 2015. I'm responsible for coordinating the external audits, quarterly reviews and various valuations. I also assist various departments with technical expertise in revenue recognition, capitalized development costs and other complex accounting issues, along with maintaining our corporate policies.

Q: What skills did you build in the D'Amore-McKim MS in Accounting/MBA program that you are applying at your job?

A: The skills that I gained during the MSA/MBA program include time management and effective multitasking as well as delivering results under pressure. I was also able to build strong teamwork skills through many group projects. The program really prepares you for public accounting by learning to work with different personalities successfully and working towards deadlines. Having spent 8 years in public accounting before my current position, these skills were invaluable.

Q: What would you say to a colleague considering enrolling in the MS in Accounting/MBA program?

A: I would highly recommend the MSA/MBA program at Northeastern and have done so frequently in the past. The condensed nature of the program was very fast paced, but I learned so much and the internship was really priceless. It is also a well-respected program and has opened a lot of doors for me.

Q: Why did you choose the D'Amore-McKim MS in Accounting/MBA?

A: I had graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor of arts degree in studio art with a minor in business administration. Early in my senior year at UNH, I knew that I did not have the passion to pursue a career in art and I loved my business classes. When I began researching and found the Northeastern MSA/MBA program, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. The program is geared towards non-accounting majors, which was what initially interested me, but upon learning that it also included an internship and the opportunity to earn two masters degrees in such a short time period – I knew it was the perfect fit.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

A: In 5-10 years, I see myself in an upper management position at an established public company in a Corporate Controller or Chief Accounting Officer role.