Q: How is the D'Amore-McKim Corporate Residency different from a traditional internship?

A: My Corporate Residency with Mizuho allowed me to dive right into the REIT industry and develop my analysis skills over a 12-month period. During my experience there I was able to take the investment modeling effort to the next level, and performed the actual forecasting beyond the maintenance process. In addition, I was researching publicly available information, managing several company-specific models, and serving as the main interface between Mizuho and several resource vendors.

Q: How did you impact the business?

A: I created several models on very specific financial topics that enable the analyst to update research projects for clients to access the REIT database. I also built a detailed valuation spreadsheet covering over 130 companies in the industry, which the senior analyst uses on a regular basis to assess opportunities. Furthermore, I integrated macros and third-party tools into our old models, helping to significantly enhance the automation and functionality of our valuation spreadsheet.

Q: How has the Corporate Residency solidified your career path or set you up for success in the long run?

A: For my first job on Wall Street, the Corporate Residency opened a door for me to switch from auditing to investment banking business. Above all, it trained me to thoroughly assess the underlying factors that influence business operations instead of jumping right into the numbers with financial models. Apart from the skills I developed during the Corporate Residency, the first-hand experience in working with the sell-side analysts also allowed me to directly interact with industry professionals from corporate executives and buy-side investors. And this experience has positioned me to pursue long-term career opportunities in the investment industry.