Q: How is the D'Amore-McKim Corporate Residency different from a traditional internship? 

A: The Corporate Residency program is unique with the level of responsibility placed on the student. At Raytheon, I reported directly to a Vice President and was often asked to present to his boss, a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

My Corporate Residency really emphasized strategic thinking and analysis as I participated in the development of Raytheon's corporate supply chain strategy. I drew from what I learned in class at D'Amore-McKim in order to be successful in my Residency. This opportunity not only connected with everything I learned in the classroom, but took it to a much more strategic level.

Q: How did you impact the business?

A: I was able to impact the business at Raytheon by actively managing and refreshing the content on Raytheon's enterprise sourcing tool. This directly impacted the ability of Raytheon's sourcing and procurement professionals to effectively procure materials for Raytheon at a competitive cost.

Q: How has the Corporate Residency solidified your career path or set you up for success in the long run?

A: The Corporate Residency allowed me to get a foot in the door at Raytheon, and led to a full-time offer with their Supply Chain Leadership Development Program.