Aguilera, a newly elected member of the Strategic Management Society board of directors, is a leading scholar on global strategy and corporate governance in emerging-market firms. Her systematic analysis of economic organizations across countries informs comparative corporate governance, corporate sustainability, and firm internationalization processes.

Listed by Thomson Reuters as one of 2014's “World's Most Influential Scientific Minds in Economics and Business,” Aguilera impacts her field through innovative research and through her editor roles at Organization ScienceCorporate Governance: An International Review, and Journal of International Business Studies.

Focusing on the role that ownership plays in influencing governance practices and stakeholder relationships, Aguilera's forthcoming research explores cross-national differences in corporate governance patterns, seeking to uncover how those differences can be converted into pillars of competitive advantage.

Q:What are your areas of expertise/research focus?

International corporate governance, corporate sustainability and global strategy. My research explores the cross-national differences in corporate governance and how that influences firm outcomes that range from compliance to strategic decisions to performance.

Q:What industries are or could be impacted by your research?

Compliance, regulation, accounting, finance, and recruiting. It is really more a function than a particular industry.

Q:What research projects are you currently working on or planning?

I am continuing to explore cross-national differences in corporate governance patterns and uncover how those differences can be converted into pillars of competitive advance.

Q:What are some of your most seminal publications?
  • Aguilera, R.V., Capapé, J., & Santiso, J. (2016). Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Strategic Governance View, Academy of Management Perspectives.
  • Desender, K., Aguilera, R.V., Lopez-Puertas Lamy, M., & Crespí, R. (2015). A Clash of Governance Logics: Foreign Ownership and Board Monitoring. Strategic Management Journal.
  • Bell, G., Filatotchev, I., & Aguilera, R. V. (2014). Corporate Governance and Investors' Perception of Foreign IPO Value: An Institutional Perspective. Academy of Management Journal, 57(1), 301-320.
  • Aguilera, R.V., & Jackson, G. (2003) The Cross-National Diversity of Corporate Governance: Dimensions and Determinants. Academy of Management Review, 28(3), 447-465.
Q:What are some awards that you have received?
  • Listed in “The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds,” in Economics and Business, 2014, Thomson Reuters.
  • Arnold O. Beckman Research Award, Research Board Grant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014.
  • CLADEA Best Paper in “Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability,” (with Jain and Jamali), 2014.
  • Best Paper Award, Academy of International Business, Latin American Chapter “Corporate Ownership in Latin American Firms: A Comparative Analysis of Dual-Class Shares,” (with Kabbach de Castro and Crespí-Cladera), April 2013.