Northeastern students work together to help COVID-19 patients

Northeastern students work together to help COVID-19 patients Opens in Modal

During 2020's Summer I session, six Northeastern College of Engineering and D'Amore-McKim students worked together in the “Entrepreneurship Directed Study: Personal Protection Equipment” to help healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through interviews with COVID-19 experts, healthcare workers, and other professionals, they learned firsthand what needed to be done. Using the lean design method, they attempted to build a ventilator for COVID-19 patients but later switched gears to modifying a BiPAP device. A BiPAP device is a respiratory machine that pushes air into the lungs of someone struggling to breathe, a confirmed symptom of patients.

In seven short weeks, students developed, designed, and presented their solution to numerous stakeholders and have been encouraged to continue their work in the future.

Watch the video above to hear Madisyn Dudley, COE'21; Madeleine Weaver, COE'22; and Professor Stephen L. Golden share their class experiences.