Molly Beck, DMSB'09, is the founder of Messy, a podcast creation and directory site startup, and author of REACH OUT, a social media and community-building guidebook. Beck reflects on her experiences at D'Amore-Mckim including co-ops, clubs, and finding her voice on her first blog, which led to her future book deal.

Q:When did you graduate from the D'Amore-McKim School of Business and with what degree?

I graduated in 2009 with a BSBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Q:What is your current profession?

I spend my days running my startup, Messy, a podcast creation and directory site. I also speak to audiences around the themes in my social media and community-building guidebook REACH OUT, which was published last fall with McGraw-Hill.

Q: What are some of your best memories from Northeastern?

A moment that really sticks out in my mind from my time at Northeastern was with Professor Ted Clark in the Entrepreneurship Club. A student asked if it was “bad” to talk about our business ideas because someone might steal them. And Professor Clark said “I have a really great idea. Let's build a time machine.” And everyone was confused for a second, and then Professor Clark said something that I think of often: “It's not about having a good idea – we all think a time machine is a good idea. But who has actually built it?”

Q: What clubs and organizations were you involved with at Northeastern?

Besides Entrepreneurship Club, I really enjoyed being involved in Greek Life, specifically my sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma, which changed my life. It gave me leadership experience and lifelong best friends. Having a community around me was one of the reasons I felt confident starting a blog in college. The blog showed me the power of the web to build a community around your work, helped me transition my career into digital marketing, gave me the opportunity to sign with a literary agent, and eventually get a book deal for REACH OUT.

Q:How did D'Amore-McKim prepare you for your career in the global business world?

When I think about what I learned at Northeastern, specifically at the business school, the main thing that sticks out to me is becoming comfortable with taking risks. One of the best moments of my life was spending New Year's Day 2009 in Hong Kong on a two-week long trip with other D'Amore-McKim students. I never would have gotten that opportunity if the business school hadn't been so proactive in encouraging students to gain international perspectives before graduating.

Q:What would you say to a prospective student considering D'Amore-McKim for their business degree?

Do it! Truly. The co-op program is invaluable and will shape the rest of your life in the most positive of ways. Graduating with 1.5 years of real, full-time work experience puts you head and shoulders above every other non-Northeastern graduate. I did co-ops at Hay Group, Dolan Media, and a leading investment bank, and each one was very helpful in showing me what I did – and didn't – want to do post-graduation. Sometimes knowing what you don't want to do is more valuable than anything else!

Q:Tell us about Messy.

Messy makes it easy for anyone to create a podcast. There's nothing to download and no special equipment to buy. Without ever leaving, a user can record, edit, add in intro and outro music from our exclusive free music library, and publish their show. TheGet Started Page has the exact instructions you need to take your podcast from start to published. And, if you already have a podcast and would like to have it run in an additional place (besides iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, etc.), it's easy to add it to Messy's directory. How to add your already-created show is explained here (it takes less than five minutes).

Q:What additional insight do you have for the D'Amore-McKim community?

I truly believe podcasts are the new blogs. In five or so years, we will see that the people who started podcasts are the ones who have the biggest digital audiences. If you felt like you missed out or weren't interested in the blogging craze, starting a podcast now is a great way to build and find your own online audience.

Q:Anything you would like to share with the D'Amore-McKim network?

I've had incredible mentors in my career and I believe in paying it forward. Any Northeastern student or alumni that would like insight on working in marketing/social media, podcasting, entrepreneurship, writing a book, or something else I may be able to add value too, please find me on LinkedIn and send me a message!

Photo credit: Molly Beck