Miranda Beggin, DMSB'17, SSH'17, recently graduated with a degree in business administration and political science, a combination that enabled her to work and study in six countries, exemplifying Northeastern University's global citizen experience.

Beggin will spend this summer living with a host family and studying Arabic in Morocco, an experience made possible through her Critical Language Scholarship from the U.S. State Department. After Morocco, she will work at Third Sector Capital Partners, a non-profit advisory firm in Boston that uses innovative means to solve social problems.

“My long term goal is to work in international development. I did my third and final co-op in Jordan, as an investment analyst for the startup accelerator Oasis500, and I planned to begin my career working on international issues,” said Beggin. “But after the presidential election, it became clear that there was a lot of work to do in the U.S. For the next few years, I want to focus on issues here while further developing the skills I need to make an impact abroad.”

During her time at Northeastern, Beggin was an investment lead at IDEA, Northeastern's student-led venture accelerator, and president and head delegate for the International Relations Council, as well as secretary general of a regional Model Arab League Conference.

With graduation behind her, Beggin offered two pieces of advice for incoming huskies:

“First, don't get overwhelmed by all of the amazing students around you. Instead, use their success to motivate you to continue pursuing what is most interesting and exciting to you,” she said. “Second, you don't always have to look beyond Boston for life-changing opportunities—you can expand what you know, question your perspectives, and develop a more empathetic worldview right here. My experience at LIFT Boston prepared me for my subsequent global experiences. So get involved in Northeastern's surrounding neighborhoods and use that experience as a learning tool.”

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