Alex Vipond, DMSB'16, recently graduated with a few future plans in mind, most of them inspired in part from his numerous activities, accolades and learning experiences while at Northeastern University.

A business administration major, with a concentration in supply management and social entrepreneurship, Vipond may choose to return full-time to Interise, a non-profit in the small business development sector, where he completed his final co-op in marketing and communications.

In addition to being a member of the Huntington 100, Vipond also completed three field research projects with the Social Enterprise Institute, in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Cape Town, South Africa. These travel experiences motivated the creation of The Compost Project, an organization Vipond co-founded with Har­rison Ack­erman, SSH'15, and Eli Brown, E'16. The project is committed to recycling organic waste into fertilizer, creating a healthier soil, community, and economy.

The founders are currently working with IDEA to conduct consumer research, focused on home gardeners and Boston-based farmers. Social impact is also an important piece of the venture, with a possible future incorporation of collecting food wastes from local schools and eateries to donate to local urban farmer

Vipond cites the diversity of campus and the many opportunities offered as two pieces he will miss the most now that he has graduated.

“At North­eastern, stu­dents come from all over the country and all over the world. They have a broad range of inter­ests and study dif­ferent topics, and yet they're still able to come together and work toward common research, and aca­d­emic, and pro­fes­sional goals,” said Vipond.