A recent poll asking the Northeastern community about their 2016 resolutions revealed that financial responsibility is on the top of almost everyone's mind. In response to “save more, spend less” being a highly-cited goal for the New Year, personal finance expert and D'Amore-McKim School of Business Assistant Academic Specialist Tim Gagnonshared helpful tips for achieving this resolution, including:

Pay cash—yes, it does exist—for all expenses for a week to see how much you spend. Debit cards and credit cards allow you to spend without thinking because you do not see the bal­ance on an ongoing basis.

Have money automatically directed to a savings account out of each paycheck so it will not be spent before you save. Also, check your tax withholding in your check and if you are over-​​withholding, then reduce the withholding and send it to a savings account or your retirement savings.

Read his full list of financial tips here.