Seven semesters, 21 countries, and three co-ops. Lindis Barry, DMSB'19, is taking over our Instagram account this Monday to give us an inside look at her D'Amore-McKim experience. Follow along beginning Monday, Nov. 18 @damoremckim!

Q: What year are you and when are you graduating?

I'm a senior graduating in December 2019.

Q: What are you involved with at Northeastern?

During my time at Northeastern, I was a photographer for The Avenue, a fashion magazine at the Boston campus, as well as the marketing director for a year or so. I was also the executive vice President of NUMA, Northeastern's Marketing Association, for a year, in addition to serving as blog/web chair for NUMA while on co-op. 

Q: Where have you held co-op positions? What have those experiences been like?

I held my first co-op at ServiceNow in Santa Clara, California where I focused on driving pipeline primarily through webinars. My second co-op was at Kuehne + Nagel as a marketing specialist, working in both Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Hamburg, Germany.

I'm currently on my third co-op as a marketing specialist at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, WA.

I also had a part-time marketing internship at Maxwell Health while in Boston, and a part-time marketing internship at ServiceNow in Sydney, Australia. 

All of my work experiences have been different, but I've loved them all. Each one has helped me learn and grow as a professional as well as a person. I'm graduating with more clarity about the marketing industry as a whole, as well as the variations between different marketing roles. 

Q: Tell us about your study abroad experiences. Where did you go, why did you choose the location and what was it like?

I first studied abroad in Denmark, at the Copenhagen Business School, right after my freshman year. My mom is Norwegian, and I had been to Copenhagen before and loved it, so when I saw that Northeastern offered a program that would allow me to take some of my required business classes abroad, I knew it was where I wanted to go. 

I had also always wanted to work or study in Australia, so when I ended up accepting my second co-op in Europe, I figured Australia would then be the perfect second study abroad destination. I was debating between Sydney and Melbourne because I wanted to live in a relatively big city and heard they were both incredible places to live. My deciding factors were that the University of Sydney offered the classes I needed and that I was also able to leverage my co-op experience and turn it into a part-time internship in their Sydney office. 

Both experiences were amazing, and I would recommend study abroad to anyone interested. Study abroad can be a very different experience though depending on where you go. In Copenhagen, I was primarily with students from around the world, and in Sydney, I was primarily with American students. Both were incredible experiences, but if you only had time to study abroad once, I would definitely keep that in mind and ask questions about the typical study abroad audience that school attracts. 

Q: As a graduating senior, what's next?

I'm finishing my last co-op here in Seattle, before graduating next month. I'm currently applying to full-time roles in London, New York, and San Francisco. I'm excited to see where I end up!

Q: Reflecting back on your time at D'Amore-McKim, what moment sticks out the most and why?

I've loved being a part of the Bachelor of Science in International Business (BSIB) program, because it's built a little community within Boston and outside of Boston, of people who are incredibly passionate and driven. Committing to spending a year abroad attracts a certain type of person, and being able to learn from those other students about what their time abroad was like, and meeting up with other BSIB students while abroad, was really special. 

Q: How has D'Amore-McKim prepared you for the future?

Studying at D'Amore-McKim has been a great experience because the BSIB program taught me how to adapt and thrive in any situation. As an aspiring global manager, it was an invaluable experience.

I have a much clearer vision of what I want and don't want in a full-time position, which was one of my original goals when enrolling here. Graduating with so much work experience will set me apart from the competition when I join the workforce.

Q: Was there a faculty or staff member who made a lasting impression on you?

Brooke Johnson is my co-op advisor and has been an incredible resource throughout my co-op journey! It's been great to have someone who knows my goals and experience and is able to help guide me in my co-op journey. 

Q: What will you be sharing during your takeover?

I'll be sharing photos from my co-ops in San Francisco and Seattle, as well as my year abroad in Dubai, Hamburg, and Sydney! 

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