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There are two things that can destroy a family business: the business and the family, the both have to be kept in order

Alexander Hoare, C.H. Hoare and Co.



Family Business Leadership – Do You Really Want to Run the Show?

My brother and I were next in line to lead the family business, but it seemed neither of us genuinely wanted the position.


Determining Key Positions for Family Members in Your Family Business

Keeping family members from stepping on each other can go a long way toward preventing conflict in your family business.


Fraud in the Family Business. It Happened to Us. Twice.

“family business fraud is never expected, but it's even more unexpected when it's from someone inside your business”

Why is it that family businesses are such a target for business fraud? You would think that with the more hands-on management style and inherent trust within a family business, that it would be less prevalent. Oddly enough, it's these two factors that actually enable more fraud to exist.


Giving Family Business a Bad Name

A death in the Atlantic, two brothers acquitted of financial crimes and a nefarious connection to sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Inside the life of Ghislaine Maxwell's family.

Changed Our Mind. We Want Our Company Back

The two Nordstrom brothers co-leading the Nordstrom department stores are attempting to buy back a majority control of their family business. The board however is resisting, and considering whether they should bring in an outside non-family CEO to replace them.

Democracy or a Monarchy?

You need to decide whether your family business should be family first or business first. You can't be both.

Honey, I Sold the Business

You go through the emotion of selling the family business and you receive the funds. Everything should be great. Now what happens?

We can't be scared of growing

Jocelyn Duffley, Hyannis Country Garden

Duffley was no stranger to Hyannis Country Garden when she took over as president and general manager. But that didn't make the transition any easier. It was her first time running a business – and many of the employees were family members.

Are You Guilty of Presenteeism?

Despite the popular family business stereotype that family members don't work hard and leave early to play golf, the opposite is true, and most of us put in more hours than many realize. Sometimes it's a strong work ethic and genuinely productive work, and sometimes it's to set an example for others to follow. It's this second part, of setting the example, which van lead to an unhealthy corporate culture. Many non-family members feel pressure to mimic the family business owners work style to the detriment of their health and workplace satisfaction.

As You Grow Be Careful You Don't Get Too Big

This is what happens when a family business grows too fast and loses sight of what brought them there. This family business named “Forever 21” may not be around forever.  

We Really Feel For You

Imagine having to work for a shipyard and toil in the manufacturing grind of shipbuilding. This isn't what I vision as a shipyard. This family business operates a luxury yacht shipyard. Okay we're jealous.