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The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate you away from those who are still undecided.

Casey Stengel, MLB Baseball Manager and Player



Help! I'm Working for a Non-Family CEO in Our Family Business

He pushed me beyond my comfort zone, but I liked it.


Keeping the Family Business Innovative

Either be at the table, or be on the menu.


Learning to Let Go of the Family Business

At some point you have to stop chasing your legacy.


He Can't Remember When His Brother Turned on Him

Greed, drugs, dirty cops, and the bitter sibling rivalry burning up an $800 million Louisiana family dynasty. And you thought you were having a bad day.

Foo(d) Fighters

Market Basket's biggest threat may not be from Amazon, but from the change in ownership structure and adopting new technology.

Will He Make the Cut?

How do you pull of a succession plan when the family business has a high profile owner? Recent off-the-field scandals with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has many wondering what the changing of the guard will eventually look like. Will the fans embrace the next generation's less charismatic, more business-like owner?

Family Business Identity Theft

Always be looking over your shoulder. This family business pizza restaurant is going through an attempted coup by a member of the younger generation. First their lease was cancelled, then the son opened a new pizza restaurant in the former location, and now the son is registering a trademark with the same name initials as the parent's restaurant. Could this happen to you?

“We Won't Sell it on Amazon”

These four family-owned businesses describe their strategy of competing with Amazon. One business was even approached by Amazon to sell through them. It all comes down to instant gratification, smothering customers with service and building community.

4 Steps to a Successful Family Business Takeover

This next gen entered the family business with a 5-year plan to take it over, amicably. Here's how she did it.