D'Amore-McKim School of Business Assistant Professor of Marketing Yakov Bart was recently named to the Poets&Quants for Undergraduates Top 40 Undergraduate Business Professors list.

The list compiled by Poets&Quants for Undergraduates is varied, but each professor has been chosen for their passion to motivate their students to reach their highest potential.

“Everything starts and ends with an innate passion to see students do more than just thrive in their careers. These teachers want to see their students succeed at life,” the article said.

Bart has been at D'Amore-McKim since 2015. He currently teaches courses in marketing management, digital marketing, and social media marketing. So far, the professional achievement he is proudest of is being named the Joseph G. Riesman Research Professor.

Bart's current research is focused primarily on the marketing implications of new and emerging digital technologies.

“In terms of traditional measure of research impact, my early work on understanding drivers and consequences of online consumer trust has probably had the most impact to date and has been cited over 1,200 times,” said Bart. “I believe my current work on communication and persuasion in the context of highly targeted digital advertising, where my co-author Pedro Gardete and I show that the most personalized ads may not be very effective because consumers are worried about being exploited, can have profound implications for how firms approach collecting data about their customers and public policy regulations around privacy.”

What do students have to say about their experiences with Bart?

“For two semesters, Yakov Bart was the keynote speaker of my academic life. His lectures were seamlessly executed, action-packed and alive with anecdotes, interviews, real-time whiteboard diagrams, and extensive Q&A from both himself and the audience. From class time to assignments, I often felt as if was at a marketing retreat or working for a start-up, as Yakov was always encouraging practical, applicable, and technology driven thought and action. After two semesters with Yakov and two internships to put his teachings into action, I can confidently say that I feel capable and empowered to take on the marketing world and its evolutions to come. I will continue to cite him as one of my greatest career inspirations.”

“Professor Bart is dedicated to his practice and his students. His passion for all things marketing is evident in his teaching as well as contagious to his students. He generously brings his experience from work and research to enrich lectures and cases in addition to the relevant class work he assigns. I felt challenged to think differently and encouraged to speak up in professor Bart's class. He fostered a safe, mature, and intellectual learning environment that was a unique in an undergraduate classroom.”

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