D'Amore-McKim graduate students may use Glassdoor free of charge. The service also includes a number of resources for students who are looking to research companies abroad in Austria, Australia, Belgium (French or Dutch), Canada (English or French), France, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland (French or German) and the UK.

Other Glassdoor Guides

  • How to Get Your First Job: A good prologue for students that need to learn the basics: how to search for a job, what employers are looking for and how to ace an interview.
  • How to Get an Internship Guide: An internship could be perfect for students who may not have work experience, or might be interested in testing the waters of a different career.
  • How to Write a Resume: A guide that covers what a resume is, how to showcase your skills and how to stand out to recruiters, even without extensive work experience.
  • The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide: Preparation for interviews with everything from common interview questions, advice on what to wear to an interview and tips for how to follow up afterward.
  • How to Network: Useful advice that takes the intimidation out of networking by sharing networking ideas, how to prepare and dos and don'ts
  • How to Develop and Nail Your Elevator Pitch: The critical components of an elevator pitch, how to practice it and how to leave a memorable impression.