Recruitment Manager, Jelena Pejic will be joined by Graduate Certificate program alumnae, and incoming Full-Time MBA student, Samiksha Choukade, as she shares her perspective as an international student from India at D'Amore-McKim School of Business. This is a great opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and find out how a graduate business education from D'Amore-McKim can enrich your skillset, expand your network, and enhance your professional potential.

Commonly asked questions:

  • The application process – Find out what our admissions team looks for to make your application standout
  • Funding your education – Northeastern has a variety of scholarships and financial aid options
  • Student experience – Learn more about why other students have chosen a graduate certificate from D'Amore-McKim and how it is helping them further their career goals

As a thank you for participating in this event, attendees will receive an application fee waiver code valued at $100.


Samiksha Choukade is a newly enrolled MBA candidate at D'Amore-McKim School of Business. She completed a Graduate Certificate course in Business Administration from the same institute in 2020 and learned various aspects of international business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. This program helped her to improve her perspective on a business, advertisement, importance of every small step as an Entrepreneur.

After her graduate certification course, Samiksha received industry experience and exposure to Retail services at Nordstrom Inc. Samiksha is from India and the first from her family to receive her degree abroad. So, moving to the United States and applying to higher education was a new & exciting experience for her.

Samiksha has an Engineering background with a bachelor's in electronics and telecommunications. She believes a business administration education at Northeastern University will be valuable as she learns strategic skills and innovative business competencies. Her aspiration is to manage a business in the technology field and progress as a woman leader in STEM.

Jelena Pejic

Jelena Pejic is an international higher education professional who is motivated to meaningfully influence students at a pivotal time in their lives. She has 10 years of experience recruiting and advising graduate applicants and students. Jelena currently manages the graduate certificate portfolio of programs at D'Amore-McKim School of Business. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Boston University and is currently pursuing a graduate program in global studies at Northeastern University. She grew up in former Yugoslavia and relocated to the United States in 1997.