You'll #LOVE #DAMOREMCKIM. Come and be surrounded and inspired by innovation. Come and take part in the global business mindset. Come and see your future success unfold. It's waiting for you at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business.

#1 Hands on.

Northeastern students value Cooperative Education (co-op for short) as a key differentiator in their academic experience. Because co-ops are full-time and typically six months long, they truly get a sense of the professional world and develop the skills needed to be successful in today's global business environment. Through co-op you will begin to define and live your professional purpose (and even rule out what you don't like). The year+ of professional experience you'll graduate with will give you a heads up on the competition so you're ready to take on the world!

See what graduating D'Amore-McKim seniors had to say about this “invaluable” experience.

#2 Elite learning.

Many D'Amore-McKim faculty are top researchers in their fields, and they bring with them vast industry experience. As a result, our curriculum is career-focused and rigorous (you're smart so you can handle it!). And all of the great things students learn in class are fused with the experiences they have while on co-op, which makes our undergraduates feel like they're getting an MBA-level education. This applied learning develops a broad understanding of business that can't be beat.

#3 Learn here.
Go there.

With countless opportunities to go abroad (more than 35% of our students do), D'Amore-McKim prepares you to be culturally agile in today's increasingly global business world. And you won't have to go far to feel engaged with the world – your classrooms will be filled with different languages, cultures, and lessons built from international insights. More than 30% of business students come from outside the U.S., and they're an integral part of our global community. Regardless of where your D'Amore-McKim experience takes you, there's no doubt that you WILL become a #damoremckim global citizen.

#4 Define your path.

You're on the path to success, and we're here to give you the tools you need to reach your goals along the way. At D'Amore-McKim, you'll be challenged and guided – it's how we think students learn best and it's why our learning environment is rigorous, supportive, AND flexible. With the guidance of dedicated academic advisors and co-op faculty, you'll build your own educational adventure with opportunities for countless interdisciplinary and experiential opportunities. You're going far, and we can't wait to see where your path will lead.

#5 Inspiring innovation.

Innovation isn't just a course at D'Amore-McKim – it's part of everything we do. Northeastern is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit (The Princeton Review even named NU the #6 Undergraduate Program for Entrepreneurship), and our in-the-know faculty infuse it in everyday classroom experiences. Here, you'll be given the knowledge and tools you need to bring your innovative ideas to life – or even start your own business – all before you graduate. Interdisciplinary student groups like IDEA: Northeastern University's Student-Led Venture Accelerator and Mosaic are just a couple examples of the innovative collaboration you'll find on campus.

#6 ♥ Boston.

When you're exploring Northeastern's campus, it's easy to forget that you're in one of the world's biggest major metropolitan areas. But as you walk through the beautiful-landscaped Krentzman Quad, you'll also be able to admire historic buildings and ever-growing modern cityscapes with the MBTA green line just steps away. Walk a few more blocks and you'll find yourself at the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Symphony, or Fenway Park (really, they're all that close!). If you're looking for a traditional campus with big-city opportunities, look no further!

Join us on a bike ride and see for yourself!

#7 Learning by doing.

It's true that virtually all D'Amore-McKim students experience co-op before they graduate, but there are even more ways you can immerse yourself in business lessons outside of the classroom. From opportunities in more than 30 business-specific student organizations and nearly 350 across the university, to case competitions, portfolio management, the Social Enterprise Institute, and IDEA, you'll develop the essential skills you need to be a competent leader and a savvy professional.

#8 Professional Network.

Our extensive connections with companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to cool new start-ups means we're closer to today's business world. Northeastern's reputation as the go-to place to hire qualified and skilled employees will become an integral part of your professional brand. D'Amore-McKim offers students robust and diverse opportunities to engage and learn from industry leaders in a variety of venues. Pair our expansive business relationships with your meaningful co-op experiences, and your LinkedIn profile will be more than premium. You'll graduate with a full resume and a growing network that includes employers, alumni, and your peers. You won't just be prepared for the business world, you'll already be a part of it.