Student Grants

Srinivasan Family Awards for Projects in Emerging Markets

The Fall 2022 Cycle is now close for applications. Please come back in the Spring 2023 for information on the next grant cycle.

Get inspired: Student Stories

Headshot of Daniel Sneyers-Pont

Daniel Sneyers-Pont used support from the Center for Emerging Markets to spearhead the BRASA Summit 2019 in partnership with the national Brazilian Student Association. Hosted at Northeastern University, the event brought together 500+ students, about 40 VIP speakers, and 20 companies to the campus event held at ISEC in October 2019.

Born in Barcelona, Spain and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Daniel graduated from Northeastern University with a BS/MS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Through Northeastern's co-op program, Daniel worked in strategy consulting at Bain & Company, operations at Apple, and venture investing at Hercules Capital.  Daniel has received deferred admission to the MBA program at Stanford

 Photos by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University
Headshot of Jorja Kahn

Jorja Kahn graduated in May 2021 from Northeastern University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Neuroscience with minors in Global Health, Public Health, and Health Science. Her strong passion for public health and research led her to be involved in a wide range of research projects during her time at Northeastern, including the development a COVID-19 resource website for the Center of Emerging Markets. Jorja helped launch the Reverse Innovation to Fight COVID-19 website that outlines effective strategies developed around the world that countries could emulate in the fight against COVID-19. She worked on the project with two other students, Jamie McGloin (now working at Beth Israel Deaconess) and Hugh Shirley (now studying at Harvard Medical School).

Jorja hopes to pursue a Master's of Public Health in the near future. 

From left, Northeastern graduates Jamie McGloin and Hugh Shirley, and fifth-year behavioral neuroscience student Jorja Kahn. Courtesy photos.
Headshot of Vidhan Bhaiya

Vidhan Bhaiya graduated summa cum laude in 2021 from Northeastern University where he studied Chemical Engineering as a University Scholar as part of the class of 2021. During his time at Northeastern University, he got a small travel grant from the Center for Emerging Markets to pursue his idea for a start-up in India to make performance footwear for people with diabetes. He also helped revive the leadership team of the Emerging Markets Club and was an enthusiastic attendee of the India Lecture Series. He continues to help the Center for Emerging Markets and Northeastern build relationships with stakeholders in India.

Vidhan has received deferred admission to the MBA program at Harvard Business School.

Northeastern student Vidhan Bhaiya got the idea for orthopedic shoes for people with diabetes who have walking impairments while watching his uncle at a family wedding in India. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University


Northeastern University's Center for Emerging Markets invites grant proposals from Undergraduate and Graduate students enrolled in full-time programs at Northeastern University to conduct research, organize a conference, explore a startup idea, participate in a service project, or pursue innovative projects that address pressing problems in emerging markets.

What are Emerging Markets?

Emerging markets include all countries of the world except industrialized nations such as the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The proposed project may focus on both industrialized nations and emerging markets, but the latter should be an important part of the project.

Emerging markets account for six billion of the world's seven billion people. Typically, they are a lot poorer than industrialized nations, but they enjoy attractive growth prospects, have large pools of talent, and are becoming important sources of innovation for the world. Emerging markets can also play an important role in solving global problems such as climate change, sustainability, inequality and poverty, pandemics, healthcare, or security.

Types of Projects

Students are encouraged to work in multidisciplinary teams, ideally with students from more than one school at Northeastern, but individual proposals will also be entertained. Projects should not be required as part of students' regular course work, although they may build on such work. Projects should expose and immerse students to real-world issues facing emerging markets. The goal is to have an impact on the real world or to expose the Northeastern University community to important problems and opportunities in emerging markets.

Awards & Dates

  • Awards will typically range from $1,000 to $3,000 although in special cases higher awards may be made up to $10,000 per individual or team
  • Submission deadline: October 30, 2022 November 30, 2022
  • Decision date: November 15, 2022 (or December 15, 2022 if you apply after October 30, 2022)


  • Projects should be completed by May 31, 2024;
  • Applicants must be enrolled in full-time programs at Northeastern University; and
  • Applicants should be enrolled as Northeastern University students through the duration of the project.

Application Process

To apply, students will need to provide:

  1. General information and resume of student lead;
  2. General information on additional team members (if applicable) – please note that no resume is needed for additional team member; and
  3. 2-page proposal (see instructions below).

Proposal Content

Students, working alone or in teams, should submit a 2-page (maximum) proposal that covers the following areas:

  1. Aims of the project;
  2. How and why the project will benefit one or more emerging markets;
  3. Qualifications of the team to carry out the project;
  4. Additional resources or support from within Northeastern or external organizations that the project has or may receive;
  5. Budget, with justification for key cost components; and
  6. Timeline for completion of the project.

Selection Process and Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of faculty members and recent Northeastern University alumni. The final decision will be made by a committee consisting of the Dean of D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Sr. Associate Dean of Faculty at D'Amore-McKim School of Business, and Director of the Center for Emerging Markets. Criteria for selection will include:

  • Likely impact of the project on one or more Emerging Markets and/or the Northeastern community's understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing those countries;
  • Qualifications and track record of team, including prior accomplishments;
  • Originality or innovativeness of proposals;
  • Extent to which project takes an Interdisciplinary approach;
  • Frugality of budget and possibility of leveraging additional resources from others in Northeastern or elsewhere.


Please get in touch with Sandrine Mallet, Program Manager, Center for Emerging Markets, if you have any questions.