The online petition form is only made accessible the first day after classes begin each academic semester. The form is typically available for no more than a week.

How to Petition for Admittance to Closed Courses

  1. The closed course petition process for the D’Amore-McKim School of Business will begin the day after the first day of class during each academic semester.
  2. The petition process is entirely online and a link to the form will be posted on this page when petitions are being accepted.
  3. Students must fill out a separate online petition for each class.
  4. This process is for Business Courses Only. {For a non-business course please see other departments – i.e. ENGW3315 or ENGW3304: Advanced Writing in the Disciplines = English Department}
  5. The undergraduate advising office handles all requests for closed courses. The D’Amore-McKim School of Business faculty members cannot and will not allow a student to overenroll in their courses. Please do not e-mail faculty members to request enrollment into their course.
  6. Do not fill out a petition if you are already enrolled in another section of the course you are petitioning.
  7. If you have a complete schedule, please indicate what class should be dropped if your petition is approved.
  8. Please be sure to list ALL alternative CRN numbers for each course requested.
  9. Your request will be denied if your request conflicts with another course.
  10. A work schedule conflict is not a criterion to petition into a course.
  11. Do not purchase any books until you have registered officially for a class.
  12. If you have a “hold” for any reason, we are unable to register you for courses.
  13. Submitting a petition does not guarantee you a seat in the class requested.
  14. You will receive an email either denying or approving your petition within 48 hours.

Closed Course Policy

When the enrollment limit in a D’Amore-McKim School of Business course has been reached, even though there may be empty seats, the only way to register for the course is through the D’Amore-McKim School of Business Undergraduate Programs Office. Faculty permission alone is not sufficient for enrollment in the class.

Please be advised: If you are not officially registered for a course, your name will not appear on the class roster and you will not receive a grade, even if you attend the entire course and do all the work.

Effective 2019