Gain real industry experience by working face-to-face with growing businesses in need of financial services during their starting phases. These special requests range from tax support to budgeting and analysis.

The Domestic Consulting Project is a transformative, experience-powered learning opportunity—one in which Full-Time MBA students work as a team to tackle a business case for a leading local company and present their findings.

Our industry-aligned Full-Time MBA program fully integrates world-class academics and meaningful business experience, creating a powerful fusion that informs, inspires, and connects you to the pulse of today’s business world.

  • FTMBA Business Analytics
  • FTMBA Corporate Innovation and Venturing
  • FTMBA Entrepreneurship
  • FTMBA Healthcare Management
  • FTMBA International Business
  • FTMBA Leading People and Organizations
  • FTMBA Marketing
  • FTMBA Supply Chain Management
  • MBA x Artificial Intelligence
  • MBA x Cybersecurity
  • MBA x Data Science
  • MBA x Software Development

World-class academics. Meaningful business experience. Build essential skills for a successful career as a finance leader.

The Global Consulting Project is a transformative, global experiential learning opportunity—one in which Full-Time MBA students not only travel abroad and polish their global acumen but work as a team to tackle a real business issue for a multinational company in their global office.

The D’Amore-McKim Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Financial Decision Making will assist your conceptual understanding of how investors, money managers, and corporate managers make economic and financial decisions.

Position yourself for career advancement with the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. This graduate certificate is designed to help you develop and refine the skills you need to be a more strategic manager and leader. At the pace that works for you, you can gain the specific knowledge you need to accelerate your career.

Gain exposure to both domestic and international financial markets and the securities traded therein with a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Finance.

In the D’Amore-McKim Graduate Certificate in Corporate Renewal program, you will have the opportunity to build your knowledge of business turnarounds, value creation, negotiations, and more to help you propel your success in this exciting and challenging field.

Through Northeastern University’s four-course Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration & Policy, you will have the opportunity to explore fundamental business strategy concepts as they apply to the healthcare industry.