At D'Amore-McKim, we strive to provide students with transformative experiential learning and this one-week residency is among the most rewarding. We're one of only 17 schools offering students the chance to earn academic credit in the nation's capitol meeting important policy makers and forming lasting connections with MBA candidates from across the country.

Discover how policy shapes the business landscape 




days in Washington, D.C.

Travel to the nation's capital to discover how public policy affects business on every scale, from the domestic market to the global economy. You'll track policy from its creation to the ethics of its outcomes to find solutions that benefit not just businesses or government, but society.  

This program will add value to one's learning experience and strengthen leadership abilities. I highly recommend it.

Chantelle Beaton, MBA'24 

What you'll do

  • Unpack the complex relationship between policy and business 
  • Meet current and former legislators and staff, Executive Branch officials, senior civil servants, business executives, lobbyists, representatives of the media, and special interest groups 
  • Explore federal buildings and agencies like Capitol Hill, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Treasury, and the National Press Club. When Congress is in session, you'll attend congressional hearings to experience governmental processes up-close 
  • Complete a team project due two weeks after the course is completed 

How you'll benefit

  • Discover how public policy is made and how it affects industries and organizations 
  • Explore how to ethically manage public affairs and policy to create solutions for businesses, government, and society that are both profitable and sustainable 
  • Form lasting connections with other graduate professional students from up to 17 universities 

How to apply

Students may apply directly to the Washington Campus and should consult with their academic advisors prior to applying. Although the program runs throughout the year, Northeastern students are eligible to apply only to the dates specified in the graduate newsletter to avoid conflict with MBA classes. 

Get in touch

Evelyn Gonzalez

Assistant Director, MBA Programs, Graduate Programs

Eligible programs

You can participate in our Washington, D.C. Residency through the following programs: