In a job interview, you will often be asked for your strengths and weaknesses. I've always had a series of default answers for this and never gave it much thought. Because of the Global ACE program I now feel comfortable with providing a genuine answer that includes a strategic development plan for how I will continually improve my leadership and professional skills.

Student participant

As part of Global ACE you will participate in a series of activities that include psychometric measurement of intra- and interpersonal orientations as well as behavioral exercises that replicate the reality of global work. You'll receive professional feedback drawn from observations and evaluations by a team of trained assessors. This feedback, tailored just for you, will expand your opportunities for growth and help you develop your global leadership skills.

It was very beneficial to practice the real ‘day in the life' situations we were presented with. We don't experience issues like that in class, and we may not necessarily come across them on a co-op.

Student participant

After you participate in Global ACE, you will receive a comprehensive, personalized feedback report detailing every aspect of your performance.

The feedback from the post-simulation coaching session was invaluable. The combination of analysis of my psychometric assessments as well as unbiased and honest reviews of my professional performance helped to identify traits about me that would not have been reflected in a typical performance evaluation.

Student participants

You will meet with the director of the program and a personal counselor to receive one-on-one coaching to further cultivate your global leadership abilities.

Remember, participation is limited to just 12 students. BSIB Seniors have the opportunity to register early. Positions fill up fast and this opportunity may not be available in the future.