Career Opportunities

Forge your path to a brighter future

The Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management advances your understanding of the many components of digital supply chains and how they work together, positioning you for a more senior role in supply chain management or another function with supply chain-related responsibilities.

Depending on your professional experience, your certificate can lead to . . .

  • A position with more responsibility
  • Better job security
  • A higher salary
  • A new opportunity in another industry
  • A wider professional network

Get guidance from career experts

As a graduate certificate student, you'll have the opportunity to work with experienced career counselors from Northeastern's office of Employer Engagement and Career Design to figure out how to best leverage your new credential for professional growth.

  • Meet one-on-one with a career counselor or drop by the Career Studio during office hours for quick questions
  • Take advantage of live coaching labs and self-paced Canvas modules to get the latest on the changing employment landscape
  • Explore job openings and discuss possibilities for advancement in your current industry or organization
  • Find networking opportunities with corporate partners and Northeastern alumni
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge tech tools on our website—polish your resume with the VMock SMART Resume Platform or practice interviewing techniques via Big Interview

For international students

Expert guidance is key to getting the most out of your study and work experience as an international student at Northeastern. Besides advising you on career opportunities, a career counselor at the office of Employer Engagement and Career Design can also help you with issues unique to students from outside the United States, such as understanding American cultural differences and navigating the job search process seamlessly. Many of our international graduates say this support helped them acclimate much more quickly and made a real impact in launching their careers successfully.

The Office of Global Services (OGS) is also an invaluable source of expertise to help you stay compliant with your international student visa requirements throughout your study experience. Reach out to OGS with any questions or concerns. They offer the professional expertise and support you need to help you maintain compliance through immigration, academic, and your employment experiences.

Optional Practical Training

As an international student enrolled in an F-1 compliant certificate program, you are eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), giving you the opportunity to gain up to 12 months of valuable work experience in the U.S. after you complete your certificate.

International students who successfully complete a year-long program on campus may become eligible to apply for OPT work authorization in the U.S. for up to 12 months.

Join our vibrant community of alumni

 One of the most valuable benefits of your degree at Northeastern is the chance to become part of our elite alumni network. As you study and participate in experience-fueled learning projects, you'll make connections that can last a lifetime with peers in the classroom, distinguished guest speakers, and faculty mentors. You'll join a large, energetic, and connected group of alums who truly enjoy giving back to the Northeastern community.

You'll also gain access to our network of 56,000+ loyal D'Amore-McKim graduates and 300,000+ Northeastern graduates spanning 179 countries, which regularly connects via events, programs, services, chapters, groups, volunteering, and more.

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