Northeastern has reinvented the MBA for a world driven by technological innovation, from AI and blockchain to robotics. Gain the computer-science, data, and technical skills you’ll need to thrive—along with uniquely human skills, from creativity to an entrepreneurial mindset.

MBA x Design and Communication completely reimagines the traditional MBA by integrating broad business skills, deep industry knowledge, and a firm grounding in design thinking into a degree that can unlock doors in almost any field.

MBA x Life Sciences completely reimagines the traditional MBA for a world where advances in science are creating tremendous opportunity. There is a need now, more than ever, for business leaders with expertise in both business and science.

Advance your previous accounting studies with your MS in Accounting. A fast track to your CPA exam and a rewarding career.

Prepare to meet the new technological demands of today’s accounting industry.

Power your career with big data. Prepare for a leadership role where you will solve complex business problems. STEM designated.

Master the financial side of business. Our full-time study curriculum is STEM designated. Study options include full-time and part-time coursework on our Boston campus as well as 100% online.

Challenge the status quo through innovation. Accelerate your career with an MS in Innovation.

Explore the D’Amore-McKim MS in International Business program held in Boston, a highly regarded global marketplace in the U.S.

The next step in your taxation career. Skill up to meet the demands of a constantly changing industry head-on. Offered full-time and part-time on our Boston campus as well as 100% online.