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Boston, Global

Study the collection, manipulation, storage, retrieval, and computational analysis of data in its various forms to aid your success in business.

Get a multi-faceted view of how business and state-society interact on the international stage

Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to work across national cultures and differing business practices by immersing yourself in transformative global experiences.

Accounting is a dynamic profession that requires people to possess sound technical knowledge, critical thinking skills, superior interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Prepare for interdisciplinary work in fields like mergers and acquisitions, risk consulting, process improvement, data analytics, and digital transformation.

You'll learn how to be a successful brand manager, cultivating the outward personality of an organization with the Undergraduate Concentration in Brand Management.

At the intersection of data and business, you will learn how data informs business decision making with the Undergraduate Concentration in Business Analytics.

In order to excel in the workplace or in a new venture, you will need to lead with innovation.

Learn the ins-and-outs of startups to prepare to fully immerse yourself in a new business venture

Develop insight and understand the distinct challenges, opportunities, and practices of family businesses