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8 months to 3 years, Boston

Learn how to capitalize on breakthrough opportunities and build essential skills for bringing innovative ideas to market.

8 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

In the D'Amore-McKim Graduate Certificate in International Business, you will gain exposure to the essentials of international business practice.

1 to 3 years, Boston

Advance your knowledge of quantitative investment tools and best practices for decision-making in today's global and tech-driven financial market.

Strengthen your ability to manage and motivate high-performing teams by immersing yourself in the principles of effective leadership—raising your profile as a manager and preparing you to take on more challenging roles.

5 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

Learn to build powerful brands in a digital-first marketing world.

1 to 3 years, Boston

With Northeastern's Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics, you'll learn how to collect and analyze data to drive your marketing strategy—and gain deeper expertise in the tools you need to master new media.

1 to 3 years, Boston

Advance your financial skill set related to managing mutual fund or hedge fund investments, from analyzing markets to maintaining compliance.

8 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

Learn best practices for managing supply chains in a global and tech-forward business environment—and become an informed decision-maker when it comes to sourcing materials, managing inventory, and delivering high-quality products and services.

1 to 3 years, Boston

Learn essential principles for doing business sustainably and build a framework for making business decisions related to climate change, community-building, and social justice.

Less than 4 years

Combine an experience-powered law education with forward-thinking business expertise—and position yourself to succeed in either field.