Master's Business Plan

Build a career-changing asset—and C-level expertise




Feedback sessions with faculty and C-suite leaders 


Live final presentation to C-suite leaders 

Our MS x: Strategic Technology Leadership program centers on a master's project that spans the duration of the 15-month program. You'll design a technology solution that solves a complex business challenge related directly to your current professional position or proposed business venture, making an immediate impact and giving you a testing ground for new strategies in managing technology adoption. You'll walk away with a valuable professional asset and experience immediately applicable to your career—and a portable tool that can benefit you long after you complete the program.

Your three-phase project plan will include the following:

  • Your breakthrough idea and approach
  • Your execution strategy
  • Your ongoing support structure

In developing a business plan for a new facial recognition AI tool, I worked with several mentors, including the CEO of a sports tech company, who guided me, challenged my assumptions, and helped me master new concepts.

Giri Devanur, Founder & CEO of

What you'll do

  • Choose a technology project with the potential to change the trajectory of your organization or startup.
  • Collaborate with your mentor to shape your raw idea into a working concept and develop a detailed business plan in three phases.
  • Receive regular feedback on your progress from your mentor, classmates, faculty, and visiting executives.
  • Build your presentation and communication skills by delivering an oral defense of each project phase to an executive and faculty panel, including some of the world's most prominent technology thought leaders.

How you'll benefit

  • Gain direct experience producing a business plan for a complex initiative, with a clear understanding of how to implement solutions across an enterprise.
  • Leave the program with a comprehensive and detailed professional asset—and knowledge that will fuel your career today and in the future.
  • Build a working relationship with a mentor that extends beyond your program.

Your timeline

Fall I

  • Craft and share your project pitch
  • Meet your mentor
  • Develop Phase 1 of your business plan with guidance from your mentor, outlining your approach for harnessing technology to elevate your business
  • Attend your first global residency in Boston or London to learn how to gain a competitive edge by investing in technology
  • During the residency, present an oral defense for Phase 1 to a panel of faculty and leading technology executives


  • Begin work on Phase 2 of your business plan, defining the components of your execution strategy
  • Attend your second global residency in Boston or London to examine management issues related to developing new technology products or services
  • During the residency, present an oral defense of Phase 2


  • Continue work on your project plan

Fall II

  • Begin work on Phase 3 of your business plan, describing the long-term infrastructure you'll build to support your fully implemented initiative
  • Attend the final global residency in Boston to explore the policies and procedures necessary to lead a tech-driven organization
  • During the residency, present an oral defense of Phase 3
  • Finalize your business plan
  • Graduate with a fully portable asset, a new network including some of the world's most prominent technology thought leaders, and a mentor whose input you can seek as you advance your career

Questions? Get in touch.

Andrew Mauriello

Director of Operations, Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership