Set yourself apart as a business leader with interdisciplinary and innovative ideas to improve community health.

Building a successful infrastructure for public health is a major challenge. It requires resilient leaders who understand how to improve community health outcomes with proactive solutions—and have the business skills to make an impact.

Our MS x concentration in Public Health, offered through a unique partnership with faculty in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, helps you build a strong foundation of knowledge in the social determinants of public health. Fusing this public health perspective with a comprehensive business education, you'll be ready to use technology and data to design proactive, holistic programs that improve population health and wellness.

In your concentration coursework, you'll study the fundamentals of public health policy, develop a nuanced understanding of how social factors affect healthcare outcomes and explore the complex health issues that confront urban communities. The classes in your Public Health concentration will prepare you with a robust perspective that can make you a sought-after business leader for companies that champion community health. If the idea of advocating for better healthcare policies, designing innovative wellness solutions, or creating transformative HR programs that improve the well-being of employees appeals to you, consider this concentration.

A public health background is not required. We welcome anyone interested in exploring a career that combines business leadership and public health knowledge.

Programs offering this concentration

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