Audience: Designed for innovators interested in a collaborative and interdisciplinary program

Program Type: Full-time and part-time

Unique Features:

  • Focus on innovation and collaboration
  • Extensive entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Hands-on entrepreneurial experience through Northeastern’s IDEA (venture accelerator)
  • Interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship
  • Combines business, engineering and computer science expertise

GPA: 3.61

Gender Distribution: 33% female, 67% male

International Diversity: 100% international

Average Age: 23

Average Work Experience: 1 year

Class Begins: Fall

Class Location: Boston, MA

Class Schedule: Classes offered in the evenings

Program Structure: 10 three credit-hour courses [9 core and 1 elective]

Credit Hours: 30 credit hours

Time to Complete: 10 months with full-time study

Graduation: August

Tuition Costs and Fees: Please visit the Northeastern Student Financial Services page. Click the dropdown under “Graduate Programs” and you will find the rate next to “Business Administration.”

Where Do I Apply? Apply online

GMAT/GRE Required? Yes. The GMAT Program Code is 276-C0-14 and the GRE Program Code is 3857.

Interview Required? By invitation

Interested? Contact Us

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