Put what you learn into practice.

Northeastern is the world leader in experiential education, which integrates classroom study with professional experience. You’ll find that our experience-based learning opportunities—where you put what you are learning into practice while earning credit toward your degree—is what truly set us apart. In fact, it’s so central to the Northeastern experience that we require three of your 15 elective credits be experiential in nature.

Essential MBA Experiential Learning

Our corporate residency is a richer, deeper experience than the traditional MBA internship. Choose a challenging full-time, salaried assignment lasting three, six or 12 months.

Additional Opportunities

In this transformative opportunity, you’ll not only travel abroad and develop your global acumen, but also work as part of a team to tackle a real business issue for a multinational company.

Apply to be part of the team that recommends stocks and manages investments for the 360 Huntington Fund. Launched in 2008, this nearly $1 million student-managed mutual fund represents experiential learning in its purest form.

Starting your own business venture? Work with mentors and access financial, marketing, and communications support—or put your expertise into practice and mentor a startup yourself.

In this elective week-long residency, you’ll meet with members of Congress, senior civil servants, business executives, lobbyists, and other officials to learn firsthand how public policy affects the U.S. and global economies.

Get intense exposure to the global business environment with this elective course, which immerses you in the business practices and culture of another country.

International students who successfully complete a year-long program on campus become eligible to apply for OPT work authorization in the U.S. for up to 12 months.