The Full-Time MBA program requires two concentrations, with at least one concentration in business.

Business Concentrations

Tap into Northeastern’s rich entrepreneurial ecosystem and get the skills and knowledge you’ll need to innovate and lead in new and evolving markets.

Develop powerful analytical skills and master the financial side of business markets with a focus in either Corporate Finance or Investments.

MBA x Concentrations

MBA x concentrations are offered in partnership with our other Northeastern professional colleges, such as The Khoury College of Computer Sciences, the College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD), and the College of Science.

Note: if you choose a MBA x concentration in partnership with The Khoury College of Computer Sciences but don’t have a background in computer science, bridge courses will be required.

Learn to apply the analytical principles of big data to biological challenges. The skills you’ll learn in this concentration will give you the tools you need to lead teams performing complex scientific analyses.

Learn the fundamentals of how biotechnology is revolutionizing today’s world, from molecular modeling to drug development. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the entire biopharmaceutical development process and its implications—plus how to apply your knowledge in a business decision-making environment.

The ability to analyze and present information so that it can be clearly understood by your audience is a critical leadership skill. You’ll gain a firm grasp on best practices for information visualization and delivery systems-based on a deep understanding of the principles of human cognition.

Learn to lead with a knowledge base in experience design. This concentration will give you the chance to learn the tools, technologies, and processes for developing prototypes; and develop an understanding of human motivations and expectations.

Gain an understanding of the framework for analyzing and designing games based on a wide range of disciplines. You’ll synthesize tools and theories from psychology, sociology, anthropology, media studies, data analytics, biometrics, and other relevant fields to help you learn to design digital gaming environments that satisfy the user.

Deliver a message that moves your audience—no small feat in today’s fast-changing digital world. You’ll develop strategies for communicating a powerful message across a range of platforms via sound storytelling and design.