Get an easy-to-read Procurement training document to reduce forced labor risk in your organization.

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Add this short document with your next Procurement onboarding, training, and workshops to ensure your professionals know the steps to prevent, find, and react to modern slavery risk.

About the Authors

Shawn Bhimani, Ph.D.

Dr. Bhimani is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain & Information Management at Northeastern University. He has four degrees (BSc, MBA, MA, Ph.D.) in Supply Chain Management. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Bhimani held multiple positions in the Procurement and Global Supply Chain division of a top Fortune 10 company. He has worked, researched, volunteered, and taught in the U.S., U.K., East Africa, and East Asia. His grant-funded research is focused on combating human trafficking. His passion is to reduce forced labor risk in global supply chains.

Emma Toole

Supply Chain Management Research Assistant at Northeastern University working on a grant-funded project to end modern slavery in U.S. supply chains. Simultaneously, Emma is also working at Wayfair for her second Co-op experience. She is working on the Partner Operations as their Supply Chain, Logistics, & Operations Co-op. Emma will be graduating from Northeastern University in 2022 with a double major in Supply Chain Management and Marketing and with a minor in Sustainable Business Practices.