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To earn an MBA x Cybersecurity, students must complete the 16 credits of MBA core curriculumcorporate residency, and 12 credit hours from the Khoury College of Computer Sciences listed below. You will also complete 12 credits from a second business concentration of your choosing, and 15 elective credits of which 3 must be experiential in nature.

Required MBA x Cybersecurity Courses

Seeks to help students to become aware of systems security issues and to gain a basic understanding of security. Presents the principal software and applications used in the Internet, discussing in detail the related vulnerabilities and how they are exploited. Also discusses programming vulnerabilities and how they are exploited. Examines protection and detection techniques. Includes a number of practical lab assignments as well as a discussion of current research in the field.
CS 5770 | 4 credits
Studies the design and use of cryptographic systems for communications and other applications such as e-commerce. Discusses the history of cryptographic systems, the mathematical theory behind the design, their vulnerability, and the different cryptanalytic attacks. Topics include stream ciphers including shift register sequences; block ciphers, such as DES and AES; public-key systems including RSA, discrete logarithms; signature schemes; hash functions, such as MD5 and SHA1; and protocol schemes including identification schemes, zero-knowledge proofs, authentication schemes, and secret sharing schemes. Discusses key management problems including Needham-Schroeder protocols and certificates.
CS 6750 | 4 credits
Challenges conventional wisdom and encourages students to discover ways that security, privacy, and usability can be made synergistic in system design. Usability and security are widely seen as two antagonistic design goals for complex computer systems. Topics include computer forensics, network forensics, user interface design, backups, logging, economic factors affecting adoption of security technology, trust management, and related public policy. Uses case studies such as PGP, S/MIME, and SSL. Introduces basic cryptography and hash function as it is needed. Coursework includes analysis of papers, problem sets, and a substantial term project.
CS 6760 | 4 credits

The curriculum is subject to change by D’Amore-McKim faculty. Please monitor for updates.

MBA x Computer Science

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