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Putting the client first, our faculty recognize your organization’s learning goals and will bring in their expertise from personal research, teaching and hands-on involvement with businesses from around the world. Get to know our faculty better by browsing videos and reading our knowledge-sharing blog, Leaders at Work.

Fernando Suarez
The Leader’s Work in New Platforms, Markets, and Innovation

Marc Meyer
Design Thinking, IT Enablement, and Innovation for Growth

Koen Pauwels
Digital Marketing and Deep Customer Analytics

Kevin Boudreau
IoT, Digital Platforms, and Open Innovation Systems

Uwe Hohgrawe
AI, Data Analytics, Competitive Intelligence

Craig Johnson
Business Applications of Machine Learning, Healthcare and Analytics
Todd Alessandri
Strategy and Organizational Alignment

Greg Collier
Corporate Sales and Marketing Effectiveness, Business Model Innovation

Hugh Courtney
Strategic Decision-Making in Uncertainty

Samina Karim
Planning and Optimizing Mergers and Acquisitions

Mario Maletta
Financial Literacy/Financial Management for Innovation

Tucker Marion
New Product Development, Design Thinking, Lean Process Innovation

Russ Moran
Leadership Development

Nada Sanders
Global Digital Supply Chains, Analytics, Operations Leadership

Ravi Ramamurti
Strategy in Emerging Economies

Gary Young
Healthcare Systems, Policies, and Strategic Management
Barbara Larson
Effective Teams and Managers in Innovation Environments

Paula Caligiuri
Cultural Agility for Global Leaders and Professionals

Mark Huselid
Talent Analytics, Strategic Talent Management

Marla Baskerville
Influence and Workplace Diversity

Jamie Millard and Gus Murby
Essential Skills and Interactions for People Managers

George Moran: Leadership Development is Not Limited to the C Suite

George Moran: Leadership Development is Not Limited to the C Suite Video Opens in Modal

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