Downloadable Case Studies

Download mini-cases to see how we partnered with select clients to meet their challenges, achieve results and move forward.

Digital Transformation

We see an up-tick in clients’ needs for expertise and assistance in adapting their leaders and organizations immediately to the realities of a digital-enabled world.  The document linked here describes two recent engagements, and we have more to share with you.

Manager Development

Whether you have new Supervisors or an experienced people managers ready to enhance their skills, D’Amore-McKim has crafted a wide variety of programs focused on improving the positive impact of this critical group.

High Potential Development

Many of our clients need a new way to build their hi-po capabilities.  We have designed multiple new and effective approaches to this common problem.

Professional Business Skills

There is great need for increased interpersonal effectiveness in today’s workforce.  We deliver a wide variety of ‘quick hits’ or longer, application-intensive skills workshops.

Artificial Intelligence for the Financial Services Industry

We are very excited to be developing a new digital, scalable, online program to build familiarity with AI and associated technologies, and help your leaders, managers and professionals target and implement AI in their business.

I.T. Group Capability Building

Most I.T. organizations face significant pressure to raise the bar and become an indispensable partner to the business.  Read about the several ways we have worked with I.T. groups.


Examples of our diverse solutions for organizations in the Healthcare space.  Be sure to read about our digital online, on-demand Healthcare program with Coursera

Project Management

Northeastern has deep expertise in the full range of project, program, and portfolio management training, in concert with the Project Management Institute.

Major Accounts Sales Enablement

We enjoy a multi-year relationship with one of the most well-regarded B2B sales organizations in the world.  We take their Major Accounts salespeople and sales managers through a unique methodology that has produced more than $23 million USD in specific program-linked revenue.

General Capabilities

A broad at-a-glance overview of our work and subject expertise.