Make your ideas matter.

Our Corporate Innovation and Venturing concentration can help you take an initiative from bold idea to transformational change.

Maybe you’re already tasked with leading innovation in your company, and you’d like to learn proven methods for fostering an environment friendly to new ideas—even as you’re getting a deeper education in business.

Or perhaps you’re working for a large company and you have great ideas that you know could spark real change. How do you challenge the status quo successfully? How do you sell your ideas to management and create opportunities for yourself and your company?

A Full-Time MBA or Full-Time MS in Finance/MBA with a concentration in Corporate Innovation and Venturing offers you the business education you’re looking for with an emphasis on fostering innovation in the workplace. We’ll teach you how successful companies compete in the global marketplace through innovation, and you’ll have the chance to study topics such as design thinking, creative product development, and emerging technologies and how they all play key roles in driving change. If you’ll be managing innovation teams, you can choose a course on the human side of innovation—leading teams, recruiting talent, and understanding the attitudes of senior management and executive stakeholders.

At D’Amore-McKim, you’ll be studying with some of the country’s leading researchers and practitioners of innovation—many of whom have led successful ventures at top companies.

You’ll also have the chance to test your learnings in an exciting environment: a paid corporate residency with a company undertaking an innovation initiative. Learning about innovation models in the classroom gives you an invaluable foundation for growth, but there’s nothing like the experience of guiding a real idea toward implementation—and being part of the decision-making process when success hangs in the balance.