8-Month International Student Cohort Curriculum

Join a global community of learners and earn a valuable credential

Designed for the needs of international students, our eight-month certificate format is F-1 visa compliant. You'll study for two semesters on our Boston Campus.

Your learning will center on the skills you need for a global business world undergoing a digital transformation—from essential business knowledge like accounting and management to cutting-edge coursework on analytics and entrepreneurship. As you build a highly relevant skill set in this short but intense study format, you'll learn alongside fellow students from across the globe with diverse professional and academic experiences. You and your classmates will spend significant time together over eight months, forging business and personal connections that can benefit you for a lifetime.

This curriculum could make you eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon successful completion of the program. If you are interested in OPT, you are encouraged to work with an advisor from the Office of Global Services.

You'll work directly with the Office of Global Services to maintain visa compliance throughout your program. You'll also find invaluable support in our office of Employer Engagement and Career Design. An expert career counselor will help you navigate issues unique to your situation, including acclimating to American work culture, starting a job search in the United States, and finding networking opportunities in Boston and beyond.

Your Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will be a meaningful credential in its own right, but it can also be a valuable stepping stone toward an MBA or other master's degree. If you ultimately complete your certificate and decide to pursue your MBA or other eligible master's degree here at Northeastern, your credits earned may apply directly toward your course requirements.


Select 4-5 of the following courses*

*Course offerings may vary per semester.

Business managers make strategic decisions about how to acquire and use resources like information, time, and money. This course focuses on gathering, measuring, and managing these business resources. This course will help you to understand corporate financial reports and make better business decisions. You will also learn methods of financial reporting and analysis.
ACCT 6200 | 3 Credits

This course focuses on human resource management. To manage an organization effectively, you must understand common organizational problems and be able to influence behavior. This course emphasizes corporate culture and leadership structure. You will examine specific human management challenges, like managing teams that do not all work in the same physical location.
HRMG 6200 | 3 credits
This course focuses on the international business environment. You'll study factors that influence global business, like economy and trade issues, legal and political context, cultural and ethical differences, and exchange rates. This course includes discussion of international organizations and agreements, like the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, NAFTA, and Mercosur. You will analyze why companies may decide to expand into international markets, and the strategies they use to do so.
INTB 6200 | 3 credits
This course explores the role of technology in developing a new business. You will learn about technology strategy, product development, and organization design. Through readings, case studies, and exercises, you will learn how to best leverage technologies and skills. You will also learn how to plan, finance, and organize a new business.
ENTR 6200 | 3 credits
This course focuses on marketing analysis and planning. You will discuss customer needs, company needs, and competitor capabilities. Understanding these issues is the basis for a good marketing strategy. You'll learn how to develop and implement an integrated marketing strategy that covers product offerings, pricing, promotion, and distribution.
MKTG 6200 | 3 credits