This combined major focuses on business, psychology, and the interface between the two disciplines. The scope and sequence of psychology courses provide students with a foundation in the interdisciplinary science of psychology, including statistics and research, social psychology, developmental psychology, cognition, and personality.

Business courses provide a foundation in accounting, innovation, marketing, management, and organizational behavior, with the opportunity to concentrate in a specific area of business. Students completing this program should be able to understand the relationships between these fields that pertain to explaining and addressing human behavior and business practices.

A combined major combines two majors in a way that allows a student to fulfill all requirements within the standard 128 credits. For details, see the program requirements.

This degree can be accomplished using either the four- or five-year co-op plan. There are also several business concentrations (listed below) and business minors to help you customize your unique Northeastern educational experience.

Choose Among 10 Additional Business Concentrations:

Undergraduate Concentration in Accounting

Accounting is a dynamic profession that requires people to possess sound technical knowledge, critical thinking skills, superior interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Develop the skills needed to work effectively within a small business or how to start, aquire, or manage a business of your own.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Finance

A fast-changing business world is putting finance front and center, with financial knowledge seen as essential to effective management.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Healthcare Management and Consulting

Working in healthcare requires knowledge and skills in several cutting-edge areas such as service delivery innovation, process and quality improvement, talent management, analytics, and supply chain management.
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Undergraduate Concentration in International Business

Possessing a knowledge of how people, firms, and institutions interact across borders provides International Business concentrators with a competitive edge.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Management

Effective managers must know the business, be interpersonally competent, behave ethically, and diagnose human and organizational dynamics.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Management Information Systems

Develop the cutting-edge technical and problem-solving skills that are in high demand by employers.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Marketing

Product design, research, pricing, packaging, transportation, advertising, selling, and servicing: marketing impacts every one of these essential aspects of business.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Marketing Analytics

Learn the cutting-edge skills necessary to harness, process, and analyze data to address modern marketing challenges.
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Undergraduate Concentration in Supply Chain Management

All companies that produce, sell, or distribute products have a supply chain management function that must be effectively managed to be competitive.
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