Selected Publications

  • Ambulkar, S. Blackhurst J.V. and Grawe S., 2014. Firm Resilience to Supply Chain Disruptions: Scale Development and Empirical Examination. Journal of Operations Management Volumes 33–34, January 2015, Pages 111–122
  • Ambulkar, S., Blackhurst, J. and Cantor, D., Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Competency: An Individual Level Knowledge Based Perspective. Forthcoming in International Journal of Production Research.

Selected Presentations

  • Ambulkar, S., Blackhurst, J., Rungtusanatham, M., Montabon, F., 2014. Calibrated Risk Behavior and Supply Chain Disruption Management. 25th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society: Atlanta, GA. (Invited Presentation)
  • Ambulkar, S., Blackhurst, J., Rungtusanatham, M., Ramaswami, S., Grawe, S., 2014. Effectuation or Causation: Which Is Better for Recovering from Supply Chain Disruptions? 45th Annual Meeting of the Decision Science Institute: Tampa, FL.


  • PhD, Business Management and Technology, Iowa State University of Science and Technology 
  • MS, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin 
  • BE, Industrial Engineering, Nagpur University, India

Research & Teaching Interests

Professor Ambulkar’s research and teaching interest is focused on issue of Supply Chain and Enterprise Risk Management. His research looks at how firms can mitigate supply chain risks, become resilient and ensure business continuity.

Industry & Academic Experience

Professor Ambulkar’s has work experience as a graduate engineer for Mahindra and Mahindra automobiles and as a research analyst for Frost and Sullivan consulting firm.

Services to the Profession

  • Ad Hoc reviewer for Journal of Business Logistics
  • International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management
  • Decision Sciences Journal
  • International Journal of Production Economics.