As more industries make use of so-called blockchains, which are really just digital ledgers for storing data, the high-profile Ronin theft has raised new concerns about just how effective existing blockchain safeguards and protocols are at protecting the digital wallets of millions of crypto traders.

JetBlue Airways and Frontier Airlines are seeking to partner with Spirit Airlines, the low-cost carrier. “From a competitive standpoint, either of these mergers will probably result in higher fares,” says Ravi Sarathy, a Northeastern professor of international business and strategy who studies the industry.

The compounding effects of inclement winter weather and the wildly contagious omicron variant of COVID-19 left airlines in a bind at one of the busiest times of year for travel. AP Photo/LM Otero

Whether flying or driving, Northeastern scholars Ravi Sarathy and Ryan Wang say travelers expect greater crowds this holiday season now that many COVID-19 precautions have been lifted. While the amount of traffic has returned to pre-pandemic levels, many airlines are scrambling to meet the demand. Photo by Sebastian Gollnow/Picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Only time will tell whether cryptocurrencies will become a widely accepted replacement for money despite their notorious volatility.

Airlines continue to face turbulence amid increasing event and flight cancellations spurred by the growing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Professor of international business and strategy, Ravi Sarathy, explains its effect on the airline industries and the trickle-down effect on the tourism industry.